Friday, December 25, 2009

The Palace of Illusions

What a book!!!
When I was a kid there was a poem in one of my Hindi text books. It was about the women in epics nobody wrote about. Everyone praises Sita and applauds her sacrifice... but how many remember Laxman's wife? Do we even know her name??? That is because Laxman had requested her to stay at home during the Vanwas so he could concentrate on serving Ram and Sita instead of getting distracted by her.
This book is about Draupadi... her point of view. Obviously, her feelings could be fiction but the events are not... I mean, the events are from the epic. For all I know... Mahabharata is fiction.
A very good book... it sucked me in... I opened it on Sunday and read through the rest of the week till today morning (after work, of course).
I hate it when a good book ends... there is a void in my life after the last word is read. Who knows how long it will be before another one can have a similar effect?
I have also gotten interested in Mahabharata and am looking for an e-book.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Khana Khazana

Yesterday I was googling for Sindhi food recipes. I was not even sure if there is a typical Sindhi cuisine. I have eaten at relatives' houses and they serve similar dishes as mine does.. but is it categorised as 'Sindhi cuisine'- a question that needed to be answered.
Much to my surprise there is a blog for Sindhi cuisine recipes-

I came across recipes of a lot of stuff cooked at home... it felt so good.
I tried cooking pasta today... it turned out ok. I love watching pasta being cooked... it looks simple and it is... some boiled pasta... some tomatoes... some capsicums... some spices (salt, pepper, oregano), garlic... shake shake shake... and voila it is done. I tried it today... unfortunately this brand of oregano does not taste good... I cheated and added tomato ketchup.

I just finished reading the book 'Why we buy' by Paco Underhill... the Kotler of retail. The book is simply written minus any fundas (the best part about it). I should not compare him to Kotler... he is too practical for that. The book was lent by my ex-boss a year back. Yes, it took me a year to pick it up because I am not so fond of non-fiction MBA books... but this one is damn good. I will buy the other books by this guy.

Tried Maggi pasta??? It sucks. Readymade pasta is a dead category... you cannot just add Indian spices to pasta... Chinese can be Indianized but not pasta.

The big hypermarket near my house is closing down... I think it is not making profits despite high footfalls which is quite a bummer. I might have to go to Star Bazaar in Thane to shop... I don't like crowded supermarkets like DMart and Food Bazaar even though they are cheaper and closer. Thankfully... Hypercity is opening in Thane in January... but I cannot shop for groceries in a jiffy now... :(

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I was at Cochin was a sales conference last week. On the last day I pulled my colleague for shopping... she did owe me one for helping her avoid the guy trying to hit on her. We headed to Kalyan Silks- a saree outlet at MG Road in Cochin. I was bowled over. The shop is spread over 6 floors and stocks sarees, dress materials, cosmetics, western outfits, accessories etc. As I stepped on the escalator a sales girl directed me to the correct floor. On reaching the floor another sales girl escorted me to correct section and showed numerous sarees. My colleague bought a saree even though she had no intentions of shopping while I bought two.
The shop was screaming "Spend money". I doubt anyone left without shopping. The service is amazing... so is the collection.
No outlet- Westside, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop etc comes close to the kind of service provided here. I was surprised... here is a local outlet which has got its model right... it knows what a customer is looking for while the bigger chains are getting lost in a maze of stupid, complicated policies and systems.

New Moon

I watched this one last weekend. I have blogged about the book and was looking forward to the movie. The only was problem was... would KC have the patience to sit through it. I told him it is about vampires and werewolves to get him excited... and then added the angle is romance rather than thrill to lower the expectations.
The movie is watchable if you have read the book or the first movie (Twilight) and liked it. The rest will be disappointed.
Looking forward to the 3rd part.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Umm... where do I begin? I went for this movie with high expectations... it was chosen over Rocket Singh... after reading the reviews and weighing all options. Completely disappointing and such a waste of money... KC and I walked out mid way.
Progeria toh ek bahana hai. The movie has the same ghisa pita story... boy and girl fall in love... have sex without protection (why??? she is studying medicine... he is a political science student... give me a Rachel and Ross version where the conception happens despite condom usage over no protection)... boy cannot commit... girl does not want to abort (umm!!! then don't have sex without protection)... brings up a child who has progeria... child comes across father...
Thats when we walked out... I am predicting the rest of it now... father gets to know child is his... gets back with the mother... child dies in the end.
Progeria is added to bring a uniqueness to the movie... and what can be better than Amitabh playing the child of Abhishek!!! What a coup!!!
It is not even a one time watch... totally avoid.
The whole politics and Abhishek is soooooooooooo boring... Vidya Balan is looking very very good.. in Indian and Western outfits and thank god for that. I hated her in Kismat Connection and Hey Baby... what a waste of a beautiful body and face. Amitabh is good... as always.

We will watch New Moon tomorrow... hope that makes up for this disaster.

Dare 2 Date

I love this show... cannot catch as often as I would like to.... but...

Today's episode (maybe it is a repeat) has a typical Gujju 22 year old actress dating a Delhi 22 year old model. They are completely mismatched... she is a gharelu behenji... he is a cool dude. It is hilarious. I am just happy to see A'bad roads on TV. Sigh!!!

Before moving to Mumbai I expected the city to be multi cultural but it is very Marathi dominant (maybe Raj and gang have something to do with that). It makes life slightly difficult 'coz I don't speak a word of Marathi and have no interest in learning it either. I didn't notice the Gujarati dominance in Gujarat because I know the language.

I love the ad 'Strange Love' of Coke. The new Fast track ads of 'Move On' are also very good.

There is nothing on TV on Fridays... what a waste!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rangeela Re

I am watching the movie 'Rangeela' on Sahara One. I love this movie... it is significant in many ways:
  • The first time I watched it was in a theatre at Abu Road. I studied in a convent at Mt Abu (a hill station in Rajasthan). In 7th std we went for a picnic to Gurushikhar. The bus broke down on the way back and we walked it till an army bus gave us a lift. On reaching the hostel in the evening we were exhausted but the thought of watching a movie sounded refreshing. This is in those days when we barely watched TV.. maybe one hour per week... movies were watched only on CDs on Sundays (once a month)... I had not even heard of 'Rangeela' but didn't care. I loved every minute of the movie.
  • 'Rangeela' set a trend in terms of fashion... clothes and make up. It launched Manish Malhotra and re-launched Urmila's career. Audience took notice of her as a 'sex symbol' for the first time. I wouldn't be surprised if she got some plastic surgery also done.
  • Staying in Mumbai I can totally understand Aamir's character. People are that Bindaas and take pride in this city... the reason beats me...
  • Anyone remember 'Philips Top 10'???... the show on TV (I think Zee Tv) with countdown of songs every week hosted by Satish Shah or Shafi Inamdar. The songs of Rangeela were at the top for months... 'Tanha Tanha'... and for the first time it was ok to watch a hot female in a see through nightie running on the beach... with the family members

Bride Wars

Another chick flick. I like Anne Hathway... she is pretty and can act. Kate Hudson is ok types... she generally acts in very B type movies.
Can be watched once.

Things to do today

I forgot to make the list yesterday... not that it varies too much every weekend:

  • Grocery shopping... 90% done yesterday... 10% today
  • Give clothes for alteration to the tailor
  • Pedicure... to de-stress the feet
  • Buy Airtel digital TV recharge coupon
  • Clean furniture
  • Wash clothes... done
  • Water plants... done

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some Random Stuff

  • A pigeon has laid 2 eggs in my balcony. I am confused what to do- Should I shoo her away or let her stay? How do I shoo her away without hurting the eggs? If I let her stay will she bring up the baby pigeons in my balcony? So many questions... as long as she does not bother me I think she can stay. I could use some company.
  • I drove 2 kms in 30 minutes between Lower Parel (outside Phoenix Mills) and Dadar fly over... I am not that slow... the traffic was that killing
  • It is going to be a hectic week... travelling to South Mumbai everyday in the week is tiring... My friend was trying to convince me to move a little centrally but paying the exorbitant rents for tiny spaces is not worth it
Good night.... Xhausted!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

New In Town

I liked (not the past tense) Renee... Have been a die hard fan... until now. New In Town is a pathetic movie and Renee looks old. I am not kidding... you can see her wrinkles- around the lips, forehead, eyes, chin etc. What the fuck is wrong with these women? I didn't pay 200 bucks to look at her wrinkles. She has access to all the beauty treatments in the world. How could she star in a movie looking like this?
The story is about a hot shot corporate female who is sent to a remote town factory to fire people there. Predictably, she makes friends, falls in love and then people find out the truth about her reason for coming there. She saves the plant and people's jobs. Happily ever after.
Please avoid.

Friday, November 27, 2009

He's just not that into you

I am reviewing this one a week late... A chick flick all the way which makes a time pass view.
Gals- watch it on a girls' night in.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Things to do on Sunday: The Schedule

  • Wake up at 7 am... for some strange reason I find it easier to wake up early on Sunday... it is like I want to live each minute of the day and not waste it sleeping (I am not a big fan of sleeping during the day).
  • 7-7.30 am: Water plants (my babies... :))... fertilise them... eat fruits
  • 7.30-8.30 am: Gym/Jog
  • 8.30-9 am: Read newspaper- The newspaper guy has not asked for his money since July (the month I moved into the flat)... I have been calling him and leaving messages requesting him to give me a bill so I can pay him... Mumbai is filled with ALL kinds of weirdos
  • 9- 10 am: Give the car for repair... Maid arives... Clean house... wipe cupboards (cleaning them with normal cloth does not give very good results... any tips?), mirrors, refrigerator, wash clothes
  • 10 am: Have breakfast... Sunday is reserved for Poha since it is KC's fav... he is not home this Sunday ... :(
  • 11- 12: Bath
  • 12.35- 2.35 pm: Movie- A Christmas Carol
  • 2.35 pm: Salon
  • 3.30 onwards: Relax at home... play Scrabble.... update pen drive for music in car...

Plan for Saturday: Today

  • 6-7.30 pm: Pick up a CD for tonight... Fix an appointment at the garage for car repairs... Grocery Shopping... Buy plants
  • 8-9 pm: Gym/Jog
  • 9- 9.30 pm: Cook Dinner
  • 9.30 onwards: Dinner... Movie... Plan menu for week...

I am sooooo Monica. I never imagined I have a Monica in me... but I guess it takes a Chandler (her disorganized, lazy hubby) to realize she is a Monica. I am not kidding... My house is always clean... and I get nightmares if clothes pile up for laundry... I wonder how KC will adjust with me when he shifts. How do 2 people lead a common lifestyle after marriage? How do they manage to wake up at the same time, eat together, sleep at the same time, merge their social life, have common hobbies and interests? Beats me...

In today's hectic times Sunday is the only day a couple will spend together... Should they spend it together or apart in respective activities or with friends (another question: whose friends???) or with family (whose family???)...

Married people... and also single people... and the in-between confused people... enlighten me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

I had read and heard good reviews of this movie. KC and I headed for it on Saturday night. I wanted to run out of the theatre in the first 15 mins but, watching KC enjoy it, decided to stick around for sometime.
The movie is ok... entertaining. It has been made in a comic book style which is very innovative. Some bits and parts do drag quite a lot...
Ranbir is good... but raw and immature. I guess... he will get better. Anyone remember how wooden Abhishek Bachan used to be? He took the audience by storm with his acting skills in Yuva, Sarkar, Guru etc. The best part about Ranbir is his dressing sense... he can carry off pink shirts and sweaters. Any guy who can carry off pink and orange is my hero (not Govinda isstyle).
Katrina has dressed like a young girl which makes is look younger than her age. The only problem is there was no chemistry between her and Ranbir. He looked like her platonic friend or brother.
Worth a watch once... and only once.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are you hotter???

In a time long long ago... humans cleaned themselves only with water 'coz thats all they knew. Then someone invented a soap (don't know who... we won't get into details)... one soap was used to clean all parts of the body. Kotler's ancestor (again.. skip details) had a brain wave. He/She (no gender bias here) created separate soaps for hair (on head- lets be specific) and body. In India (we will stick to Indian History now), the hair soap had aritha, shikakai etc. For further segmentation (I still remember Kotler's fundas) shampoo was invented. Now the bathing ritual consisted of a body soap and a shampoo. Then... came the face wash. It was an instant hit (anything related to facial skin generally is a hit). So... now... bath soap, face wash, shampoo. Then... was a conditioner. It was expensive and only the rich could afford it. But not to worry... continuous advertising and good merchandising with lower prices ensured that it became a mass product.
Now we have... bath soap, face wash, shampoo, conditioner.
To cut the looooonnnnngggg story short... here is a daily ritual of any normal middle class human being (if you don't follow it... you are either poor or abnormal):

Before bath:
  • Hair Oil
  • Face pack
  • Hair pack
During bath:
  • Bath soap/ body wash with scrubber
  • Face Wash
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Anti-dandruff hair cream (latest entrant)
After Bath
  • Toner/Astringent
  • Moisturiser/Sunscreen (separate for face and body)
  • Serum for hair
  • Hair Mousse (optional- mainly for parties)
From 1 product- the soap we have evolved to using 9-12 products on a daily basis.

Are we more good looking/hotter with better skin and hair than our ancestors? We are definitely richer.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You know you are in Mumbai when:

  • Everything comes at a price
  • Even 15 days after Diwali the postman (who is visiting for the 1st time) does not hesitate to demand 'Diwali money'
  • There are only 2 seasons- summer and monsoons
  • Reading about a couple's suicide in the building complex next to yours is part of news with the morning coffee
  • You realize there will be traffic on every road at peak hours.... 8 am to 11 pm are peak hours
  • Sounds of traffic become your lullaby
  • Everything can be home delivered from... medicines to plants to DVDs to groceries
  • 7% of your annual salary is your home deposit... 20% of take home monthly salary is rent
  • You lose all fascination for the sea... enjoying sea view demands hours of travelling
  • You can be out as late as you want without worrying too much about safety
  • You are not surprised to see people sleeping anywhere... footpath, road, divider
  • You start following traffic signals
  • You can bribe your way through most offences
  • The lesser money you have... the more arrogant you are

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Green to Brown

My potted plants are dying... not all... mostly the flowering ones. KC suggested I talk to them morning and night. It should help. No... I didn't try it. There is one plant which has creepers. It is nice to observe the creeping every evening.
Today I bought 2 more plants and warned the seller "If they die within a week I will return the dead plant to you".
For the first time in Mumbai I bought veggies from the sabzi mandi. The Supermarket is a stone's throw away and I hate going to crowded places to shop. But the sight of fresh veggies... much better than those in the Mall pulled me to the market. It was nice... so Indian.
I have been looking forward to Sunday... not that there are any plans... but it has been a hectic, tiring week.
The plan is to:
  • Clean the house
  • Oil my hair
  • Soak my feet in hot water to de-stress them
  • Prepare batter of pancakes and store it for the week
  • Prepare coconut chutney and store it
  • Watch a movie
  • Sleep
  • Try cooking chicken
Need to sleep....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Traffic Woes

I get exhausted these days... don't know if it is the driving. Yesterday while returning home there was traffic at every junction... every road... Lower Parel, Matunga, Mahim, Dadar, Sion, Chembur, Eastern Express Highway. Listening to music helps me relax in traffic. One positive thing about Mumbai traffic is.. there is no un-necessary honking. I mean... while driving you won't find people blaring their horns... it only happens when somebody does not move or cuts the queue.

Today while jogging I realized I appreciate music only when I listen to it on headphones... at other times I am too distracted. In the mornings... music plays while I get dressed... and then in the car... and then while jogging when I can hear every word.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


While driving home today I was thinking how we live our life in compartments... interactions with different people make these compartments... your colleagues will not meet your friends... what you share with your friends is unknown to your family...

The only person with who everything and everyone comes together is with your spouse. He/She will know them all.... and connect all the dots.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


It is a Clint Eastwood Oscar winning movie.... so you know what to expect. It is a true story about a mother whose child vanishes without a trace. The cops find the boy but he is not her son. Thats how the fight for justice begins. It is a good movie.... but heavy... and sad. No happy ending here...
I like Angelina Jolie... she never plays trivial roles unlike Catherine Zeta Jones and other actresses. Angelina looks sexy only when her role demands it.... she is not in-your-face sensuous like Bipasha...
Very watchable movie with good performances.

I am going green

Green was the theme of the day...
Me: So...I went to Vodafone store... then to Croma... wanted to finish most of the work today... so I can relax tomorrow
KC: Were you an ant in your last birth?
Me: Sigh!!! I need to be active... don't know why

  • Cooked Sai Bhaji...which is a famous, typical Sindhi dish. "Sai" in Sindhi means green. The veg is made of spinach and channa dal. It is generally eaten with rice... but can be eaten with roti as well. It was my first attempt at making it... and turned out very very well. My cooking has improved... a lot. I don't know if it is the practice or the enthusiasm. My mom always said that the feelings while cooking are reflected in the taste of the food cooked. I used to cook in Gurgaon also... but to kill time. It gave me something to do once I returned from work.
  • There are 2 balconies in my house... one in the living room and one in the bedroom. The bedroom balcony is used for drying clothes. 2 balconies in a 1 bhk flat is a luxury in Mumbai. The living room balcony becomes dirty and it is not possible to get it cleaned every day or even every week. I decided to decorate it with plants. Another problem is.. the balcony faces an inner road due to which sunlight falls directly here. Plants will help cool it. I am a virgin at this... lets see how it turns out. I hope the plants don't die on me within a week. Any tips? The final touch was a wind chime. I love wind chimes.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Death at a funeral

Saras movie che.... very very funny. 'Daddy Cool' is a remake of this one. I can imagine how screwed it must be.
'Death at a funeral' is a situational comedy.It is not in-your-face comedy where you will roll with laughter... it is something which will make you smirk... The movie revolves around the incidents during a funeral.
Don't miss it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Diwali gifts

Everyone looks forward to the Diwali Bonus/Gift. I shifted into this building 3 months back and was not sure if I should give Diwali baksheesh... should it be money or gift??? If it is money... how much should it be? Thankfully, the building association gave all the employees baksheesh and they didn't bother me. I was a little concerned about the laundry guy and the Bai. They are my crutches... pissing them off would not do. I gave the Bai 100 bucks (which is 14% of her monthly salary) but she was unhappy and asked me for more. Fortunately, those were the last 100 bucks in my wallet. Today... she demanded Diwali Mithai very diplomatically... "My kids were asking... hasn't madam given you mithais???" I mumbled; "Well... I didn't know you wanted Mithai... I don't have time now"... The laundry guy also demanded Diwali money and I put it off for another day. Mithai or money??? I still have to decide.
In case you think I am a heartless bitch (which I am)... I treat my Bai quite well... I have already given her loads of old clothes... she collects old newspapers from me every 15 days... I help her clean on Sundays...
Come to think of it... she has become very dedicated since Diwali... she does more than her job profile demands... which is scary. Is she trying to make me feel guilty??? It is weird the amount of control she exerts on my life.

Anyway... coming to my Diwali gift... I miss the old days when companies gave a bonus. My previous company gave us useful stuff like... microwave... DVD player. Everyone... from top management to the bottom guys received the same gift. My new company has given me 15 free products... good ones... very good ones. Thank god.. my previous company didn't do that... cartons of confectionery would make a very pathetic gift and lower morale+motivation.

The cupboard of my dressing table is stuffed... it is full of toiletries... some I bought in the staff sale and others I got as Diwali gifts... I have 6 bottles of Shampoo, 5 conditioners, 3 serums, 2 hair sprays, 2 eye roll ons, 1 age lift roll on, 4 face washes, 4 face moisturisers, 4 deos... sigh!!! I am stocked up for aeons... And all this... after I gifted Shampoo bottles and make up to my friends...

2 States

Chetan Bhagat writes like a kid... Five Point Someone was a hit 'coz it was the first book of its kind in India... we all know how obsessed people are with IIM and IIT... a book written by an IIM pass out on IIT was bound to be a winner.
Things have gone downhill after that... One night at Call Center was fuck all... so was the next book on cricket and Gujarat riots (don't remember the name)... 2 States is quite clich├ęd... and predictable... Thankfully it is priced at Rs 95 and can be read in one day.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wake Up Sid

I waited a long time to watch this one. It is a done to death story... rich spoilt kid is tamed by a more serious mature female... Karan Johar isshtyle.
The first scene where everyone is discussing their future plans in front of clueless Sid reminded me of Hrithik in 'Lakshya'. Ranbir was nowhere close... I mean... he is not bad... but there are better actors. Another scene when Anupam Kher tries talk him into coming to work reminded me of 'Dil Chahta Hai'... Aamir was so much better.
WUS does not inspire... does not evoke any feelings... you go in.. watch the movie... and leave. It does not leave its mark.
The lesser said about Konkana... the better it is... Konkana has made it till here only on talent. Trying to dress her up like a KJ heroine makes her look worse. Her fake eyelashes irritated the hell out of me. Why Konkana... why??? Can we please see you in some "good" roles? Give up these stereotypes.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Movies... Books... enjoy maadi

The final in the series... Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and finally... Breaking Dawn. It took me weeks to finish this one... Bella and Edward are married... and Bella gets pregnant. She also becomes a vampire in this one... the book is as exciting as the others. The problem with all these books is that they make you anticipate action... but the action never happens... specially in this book. I was a little disappointed in the end... the end is too happy... too soon.

I expected better from Abhay Deol... it is an ok ok movie.... quite predictable.

17 Again: Another predictable flick about people becoming young... somewhat like '13 going on 30'... but slightly more tolerable. Zac is kinda cute... Watchable once on DVD...

Vicky Cristina Barcelona: I watched it last weekend... It stars Penelope and Scarlett Johansen... A very weird flick... The story is about 2 friends... Vicky and Cristina. They go to Barcelona for the summer. Vicky is engaged... a practical, down to earth, no nonsense female... Cristina is impulsive, romantic and recovering from a break up. They meet a man 'X' who propositions them and offers to take them sight seeing. On the trip Cristina falls ill... Vicky and X have sex. On returning, he sleeps with Cristina and they start dating. Meanwhile, Vicky gets married but cannot take her mind off the one night stand.
X's ex-wife Penelope is a psycho and barges into the relationship... Cristina, Penelope and X start having a relationship... In the end, Cristina leaves.. Vicky approaches X for another one night stand... but Penelope intervenes with a gun.Vicky and Cristina leave for home...
Totally avoidable!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

VLCC Vs Kaya Vs Lakme

I have travelled to all regions of India. Finding a good parlour in a new place is very very difficult. Thankfully, branded salons provide standardized services.
One trend I have noticed is... VLCC, Kaya and Lakme are all located near each other in most cities be it... Gurgaon, A'bad, Mumbai, Bangalore,Kolkata... which is no coincidence. After all, they compete.

Kaya: The positioning is that of a skin care consultant. I have never visited any outlet 'coz it gives me an expensive feel. I am not sure about the services offered... but I think they are mainly related to skin. They have started slimming services(who hasn't???). All said and done they have a professional sound to it.

Lakme: It is a salon... no slimming packages and stuff. The problem is... locally the standard of services differ... a Lakme in Kolkata is damn good... but the one in Gurgaon is pathetic. Not very reliable... and they have not even updated the services they provide... there have not been many additions in last 2-3 years. They do not even retail their products which a lost opportunity.

VLCC: They provide salon services... slimming packages... and many other specialized services... It is a like a hypermarket with everything available under one roof. The staff is courteous... there have been times when I have not been happy with the service or the result... they have offered me complimentary services... Thumbs up to VLCC!!!

PS: VLCC has not offered me any money to give a positive feedback... they should.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chota sa update

Hiya... its been a long time. Last week was exhausting. I have eaten out a lot... come home late... missed the gym... driven for hours. One night out (till 2 am) was enough to ruin next 2 days. I am not one of those people who can be up all night and fresh the next morning. I need my beauty sleep... on time.
A firang was supposed to visit the Mumbai market and all my energy was spent setting up things... you know how it can be... Malad had become my 2nd home. Unfortunately, the visit didn't happen.
I am looking forward to the holidays.. need to relax. Going back to work and parting from KC will be torture.
I am not attached to any festivals... they don't make me sentimental or happy or excited... Diwali has never been a good time for me...
Need to buy candles, diyas and rangoli stuff... sigh!!!
I met Betty today after a long time... it was nice.... and another school acquaintance. She is married and all with a kid.
And now I am waiting for my food to arrive.
Good night!!!

PS: Btw... Obama is being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!!! For what??? I don't know... It is amazing to live in such a world.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

War Zone

My kitchen looks like a war zone today. I have been experimenting... successfully.

The day began with the maid ringing the door bell at 7 am... the bane of my life... she refuses to come later on Sunday. After cleaning, oiling my hair (weekend ritual), face pack (bi/tri weekly ritual) I tried my hand at making pancakes. I first tasted them in USA... my sis would call this guy who makes amazing pancakes, inquire his whereabouts (he operated a moving deli and would station himself in different locations) and then take a cab to the place to purchase pancakes. Pancakes come with all kinds of toppings... maple syrup, blueberry sauce, whipped cream, chocolate sauce etc. Unfortunately, they are a rarity in India... we have a chain which retails doughnuts but no pancakes or waffles. Doughnuts are too American... I have never liked them. Pancakes are also liked by a very niche crowd. Mc Donald's has pancakes as a part of their B'fast menu in premium outlets (e.g Phoenix Mills).
Anyway.... after a lot of research online the ingredients were purchased and pancakes cooked for b'fast... and I'm loving it.
Lunch consisted of soya bean and potato sabzi... another first for me. It was good.
Dinner was dosa, sambhar and coconut chutney... all prepared at home.
I made the coconut chutney and green sandwich chutney on Sat night.

People like to eat out and party on Sat and Sunday... I prefer to eat at home... I get enough time to cook and experiment.

Watched the movie 'Twilight' which is based on the book of same title by 'Stephanie Meyer'. I liked it... but... someone who has not read the book may not like it too much.

I found a really nice DVD library in Mulund- near the Nahur station. It is owned and run by a couple. The charges are astronomical (Rs 1000 for lifetime membership- non refundable)... Rs 99 per DVD. The DVDs are picked up and dropped by their executives. The collection has only original DVDs... even of Hollywood movies unreleased in India... Totally worth it!!! It is so much better than the dingy dvd libraries where the shady guy stock only 'popular' movies. They also have a website where the movie details are updated regularly... and the membership kit contains a list of the movie titles available with them which is delivered at home. Very impressive.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Who is a drunkard?

The other day I wondered.. what is the definition of a 'drunkard'?
Is it someone who
  • Drinks everyday without getting drunk?
  • Gets drunk easily?
  • Drinks regularly and gets drunk?
  • Drinks regularly without getting drunk?
I come across people from all 4 categories.. and ask myself; "Is he a drunkard?"

The encyclopaedia defines a drunkard as "One who habitually engages in the overindulgence of alcohol.

In order for an individual to be labeled a drunkard, drunkenness must be habitual or must recur on a constant basis. A person who regularly drinks heavily but is sometimes not under the influence of alcohol would be considered a drunkard, whereas a person who occasionally gets drunk would not. The test is the question of whether or not excessive drinking has become a frequent behavior pattern for a particular person."

Traditionally a drunkard was easy to identify... someone who would come home after work.. drink... and then beat his wife... or maybe just drink everyday... and then lose control.

It is a little more complicated now... most people drink... most drink regularly... for some the alcohol affects after many drinks... for others few drinks are enough. Everyone has a different limit... what is termed as excessive? For me... more than 3 drinks is excessive... for another it could be 10 drinks... who decides?

I have friends who used to drink everyday... now they drink regularly or infrequently... are they drunkards??? Or were they drunkards earlier? Or they don't come under the category?

What are your views?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Games in trouble

I have been trying to install Flash Player on my system for 2 months now... nothing worked... went through 20 websites for solutions... tried many tips... last night I decided 'now or never'... actually it was more of 'now only'... I have not played games on FB for 2 months... KC has been nagging and nagging... we generally play Scrabble on FB.
Today... I succeeded... downloaded Google Chrome and re-installed flash player in safe mode.

Goodbye IE and Firefox... welcome Chrome.

Not another review

Before this blog gets the reputation of being a 'reviews blog' let me update it.

Yesterday... I had a monthly meeting with my team. For lunch we decided to go to 'Phoenix Mills' or the restaurant in the office campus instead of ordering in. We headed to campus wala restaurant... I paid with my credit card... and headed for another meeting in Powai. On the way I stopped at the petrol pump... and realized my credit card was missing. I went into a shock... hoping I had left it at the restaurant (losing it would be devastating) I called and confirmed. They had the card... one of my team members was in office and picked it up from the place. We got late for the meeting... I parked at Hiranandani in a 'No Parking Zone' expecting to be back by 5.30 pm... cars are generally towed away after 5.30... I was back at 6.30 pm... the car had been towed away... I rushed to the police chowki to retrieve it. The cops were demanding an atrocious amount 'coz I didn't have a PUC... the guy at the petrol pump had asked me to get the PUC but I was so upset 'coz of the missing credit card I ignored him... we could not attend another meeting since it got so late... but I made it for the doc's appointment.

So.... if only we had lunch in office... I would not have misplaced my card.. the car would not get towed away... I would have attended the 2nd meeting...

Reminds me of the movie 'Run Lola Run'...

Inglorious Basterds

I was planning to watch 'Wake up Sid' (despite Rishabh's thumbs down on FB.. I remembered he didn't like Kaminey and appreciated Love Aaj Kal)... but then my eyes fell upon 'Inglorious Bastards'. It stars Brad Pitt (I am not a fan) and is directed by Quentin Tarantino (big fan).
This is the best flick of 2009... Tarantino has a particular style... the movies progress slowly... very slowly... till the interval I was wondering where this is leading... what is the purpose of the movie... which way will it go.
The show stealer is not the hero.. but the villain 'Jew Hunter' played by Christopher Waltz who is a German actor. Fabulous character and amazing acting. One of the strongest characters I have come across.
The story is set during World War II... Germans have occupied France and are exterminating the Jews... Brad Pitt and his gang are the 'Basterds' trying to remove the Germans...

Please... please... please... don't miss it.

PS: The violence quotient is very high... typical Tarantino isshtyle (remember Kill Bill???)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Something to bore you with...

What does your name mean?

You Are Lively and Courageous

You are full of energy. You are spirited and boisterous. You are bold and daring. You are willing to do some pretty outrageous things. Your high energy sometimes gets you in trouble. You can have a pretty bad temper at times. You are a very lucky person. Things just always seem to go your way. And because you're so lucky, you don't really have a lot of worries. You just hope for the best in life. You're sometimes a little guilty of being greedy. Spread your luck around a little to people who need it. You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow. You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily. Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rip off

I have a Vodafone no in Mumbai... I do not like the Airtel customer service centers. The other players are not in my consideration set. In the first bill they charged Rs 60 extra for GPRS. I had activated GPRS for a rental of 200 bucks per month. Usage charges are per KB. And then shifted to 499 plan which gives me 500 MB free. I was charged for usage and the rental. After being on the phone with call center for an hour without a solution I visited the Vodafone store. Within an hour I received a call confirming that the excess amount will be refunded.
I shifted to the 699 plan which gives me 1 GB free. In the second bill I have been charged 499+699= 1198. I called call center (again). They accepted the mistake and put in a request. I received a sms with a request no and information that they would call back by Wednesday. Thankfully, I didn't delete the message 'coz no call came.
I visited the Vodafone store today. The executive gave me a blank look... then he darted around looking for help. It seemed like they picked up the next guy from the street and gave him the job. Person 1 tells me; "You didn't activate the previous service.. so you have been charged for both".
Me: Don't talk crap. I have used GPRS for a year now... there is no such criteria... give me my money back
Person 2: You will be charged the entire rental even if you use for a day
Me: Show it to me in writing and I will believe you... There is no such funda.
Then the Manager checked out the request no and confirmed that the amount will be reversed in my next bill.

What if I had believed the crap they tried to feed me??? Would I get my money back? Are these companies ripping off our money and lying so blatantly?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


KC and I watched this flick on the weekend. It is a nice movie... I don't know if I was too emotional that day or it was the movie but there were certain scenes which made me cry.
It is about a grumpy old man whose wife has died. It was her dream to explore South America. He ties helium balloons to his house and flies off to the place. There is a catch.. a small, fat boy named Russell accidently comes along. It is a story of their adventure and the relationship they ultimately forge.
Nice... very nice.

PS: I watching '28 days' on Zee Studio. Good movie... I thought it was a comedy but it is about drugs addiction. For once, I like Sandra Bullock in some movie.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

iPill Vs Unwanted 72

No no... this post is not about the secrets and inner workings about the pills... no dirty details here.
I have heard the pills are being used as regular contraceptives instead of in emergency. Why is that? People are not educated?? Or is it an easy way out??? Or have the ads been misleading? It could be 1 or all or some of these reasons.

Personally, I prefer iPill ads. Anyone can identify with them... and have been shot in a sensitive manner. They have class. Unwanted 72 ads are too fake. It is so obvious the celebrity couples are faking it... in every way possible.

So women... iPill it is...

PS: iPill is not paying me to write their reviews... but they should.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Update on the day

  1. Clean house... will start at 7.30 or 8 am... yeah yeah... I am crazy. I wake up at 7 am on Sundays... sigh... DONE
  2. Get the exhaust fan installed in the kitchen... Not done... these bloody electricians... what nakhras
  3. Buy mineral water... DONE
  4. Save updated songs list in the IPod... sigh... will try and do it tom
  5. Visit to the parlour... DONE
  6. Post letter... I remembered I need stamps to post the letter... will do it tom
  7. Buy phone... DONE
  8. Get MS Office on laptop.... DONE
  9. Watch movie... didn't watch in theatre... watched Luck by Chance and now it is Yuva
  10. Read books... Not done
  11. Gym... No time today...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New phone

I have 2 phones... "Why"; you may ask. 'Coz I have 2 SIMs.
"Why?"; again, you may ask. One SIM is for my official no and another for my personal one. "Why not have just 1?". Well, I like to switch off my official no on Sundays... and after 9 pm on weekdays. I am entitled to a life. Apart from that I prefer to have separate bills since official bill is reimbursed. I also use GPRS on the personal no... so... it is more expensive.... but saves the effort.

I had N73 for personal no and Nokia 3110 for official no. 3110 has been giving a lot of battery trouble... bugged and irritated I decided to buy a new phone. N73 is my fav... I bought it in Aug 2007 with my 2nd salary for a princely sum of 17k. It costs around 14k right now. KC bought a Samsung Touch last month and I was tempted to buy a new phone but didn't really need one. Since the last few weeks N73 has been giving sound problems... I could barely hear the other person even on full volume. Using a bluetooth all the time is not too convenient.
Today... I bought a Sony Ericsson Walkman (Nokia does not have great looking phones in the low end segment) and Nokia E63. I am loving it... E63 is a superb phone.... Dhruv and Soheil have given it good reviews... I remember trying it out while buying N73 but had no use for a business phone. Now I do!!!

I don't like touch phones... I find them too senstive... people as clumsy as me should stay away from sensitive phones.

East or West... Nokia is the best!!!

PS: Nokia is not paying me to write positive reviews.... unfortunately.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gobi Paratha, anyone?

Yeah... cooked Gobi parathas for the first time in my life. What an achievement!!! Yoohoo!!!

I am hurting all over. The gym instructor is a tyrant under the cute exterior. I guess he was trained to be that way. It is such a fabulous job... put in efforts to get a fab body with all the muscles and then spend your life being sadistic and making others feel bad about their out-of-shape body. I could do it... except the part about getting a fab bod.

Yesterday there was a man lifting weights. Everytime he lifted one he would grunt and make weird noises... weird, as in... the kind he would probably make in bed. It was hilarious and yet I couldn't laugh. And he was LOUD!!!

Things to do tomorrow:
  1. Clean house... will start at 7.30 or 8 am... yeah yeah... I am crazy. I wake up at 7 am on Sundays... sigh
  2. Get the exhaust fan installed in the kitchen...
  3. Buy mineral water
  4. Save updated songs list in the IPod
  5. Visit to the parlour
  6. Post letter
  7. Buy phone
  8. Get MS Office on laptop
  9. Watch movie
  10. Read books
  11. Gym
Whew!!! Loads to do. Lets see how much I accomplish.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gym shym

Hiya... KC advised me against going to the gym everyday... his logic being that I work everyday and get tired... 3-4 times in a week should suffice. So I skipped yesterday and went today. The instructor was not too happy to hear this. He has asked me to come everyday. The good part is he has planned different work outs everyday which makes the experience interesting and unpredictable. I miss the gym in Rajkot... it has good instructors. Since it is part of a 4 star hotel the service is good and courteous. The creme of Rajkot come there to work out.
Anyway... the current gym is part of the society. It has very good instruments for work out. There is a pool table, carrom, chess and table tennis in the adjacent room, a badminton court outside and a jogging track around the rooms. A pretty good deal. And it is costing me only Rs 250 per month.

My car met with an accident yesterday. A chemical tanker hit it. I don't know whose fault it was... mine or his. Fact is my car got damaged... and he was driving the chemical tanker within the city limits which is illegal. Thankfully, the owner of tanker agreed to bear the charges of the damage... the car has been repaired and will be reunited with me tomorrow. It was a scary experience... thank god KC's bro was 5 mins away. Mumbai people are crazy....

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hmm... If you are having a bad day and need a break... please watch this flick...
If you are looking for thrills and excitement... please avoid this flick... Quite predictable!!!

3rd in the series of the Cullens (read the book to know more)... and I am liking it... Have already started reading the 4 th book- 'Breaking new Dawn'. Eclipse has werewolves and vampires working together... which is fun.

I went to the gym yesterday... it felt sooooo good. My stamina has reduced but I wil regain it. There is so much cleaning to do this Sunday... waiting for weekend.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend break

Hello... I had a fabulous weekend... went to Neemrana (120 km from Delhi in Rajasthan) with Dhruv and Abhinav... met KC on Sunday night.
I have been up since 4.30 am... really need to sleep. I was very ill last week and going to the doctor only lightened my wallet. I guess I just needed to be with good friends and a damn good husband.
I had been coming home late last week... going out too often... late nights... eating out etc. I didnt have time to blog... to talk on the phone... to play scrabble.
I have decided to come home before 9 pm every night... stop eating out... restrict movie watching to once a week... blog more... talk to KC as much as possible... join the gym...

Anyways... good night!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quick Gun Murugun

Yeah.. I watched it too... pretty decent. It is a surprise such movies are being made and people are watching them... The movie is strictly ok... it does drag a lot... sometimes it is funny... but worth a watch once!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Things to do tomorrow

1) Get car serviced
2) Get exhaust fan installed
3) Visit Vodafone store and pay bill
4) Buy groceries
5) Pay electricity bill
6) Get furnitre installed
7) Wash clothes
8) Courier documents
9) Pedicure
10) Visit parlour
11) Oil hair

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New York

This is one movie I failed to catch in the theatre... thankfully and watched it on CD... unfortunately.
The idea of Katrina and John as leads in a flick was unappetising... both cannot act... both are sex symbols... both have made it 'coz of their looks...
It is crap... 1st half is good... 2nd half sucks... What was Karan Johar thinking? How can such a serious topic be taken so lightly? I mean... WTF!!! And John cannot act... he just can't... he uses one expression throughout... he could make a wood cry in frustration... and whats with Katrina's character??? Her hubby is a terrorist and she is ok with it??????????
And people appreciated it? People... whats wrong with you? How could you like it????

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Things to do today

1) Clean room... done
2) Wash clothes
3) Cook and eat b'fast.. done
4) Download music... in process
5) Order water... done
6) Call electrician
7) Pedicure
8) Face pack.. done
9) Bath
10) Clean cupboards... clean mirrors
11) Oil hair... done
12) Clean purse
13) Clean car
14) Go to Big Bazar and book the shelf
15) Find a tailor
Whew!!! Busy busy Sunday.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I liked Kaminey- am I weird?

There have been negative reviews of Kaminey floating around on Fb... that it is over-hyped... ok ok hai. I liked the movie... it does drag a little towards the end... but rest is entertaining. It is different... creative... me like it... Everyone has praised Priyanka's acting and conveniently ignored Shaahid. I liked Shaahid... he has done justice to the role. He is a good actor... better than most newcomers.
People.... do watch it.
If there is any over hyped movie it is Love Aaj Kal... Kaminey is so much better.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chota sa note

I had a weird dream last night/today morning. Sigh!!! I wish I didn't dream such things but everything in life needs a closure. What to do? What to do? I keep thinking. Should I? Should I not? I guess not... I'd rather suffer and be curious than seek answers and put my mind to rest. Sometimes we are better off not knowing. Sometimes a lie or half truth or unconfirmed truth is preferable to the whole truth.
Sigh!!! Exhausted... good night.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I miss you when you're gone

Hold onto love that is what I do now that I've found you.
And from above everything's stinking, they're not around you.

And in the night, I could be helpless,
I could be lonely, sleeping without you.

And in the day, everything's complex,
There's nothing simple, when I'm not around you.

But I'll miss you when you're gone, that is what I do. Hey, baby!
And it's going to carry on, that is what I do. Hey, baby...

Hold onto my hands, I feel I'm sinking, sinking without you.
And to my mind, everything's stinking, stinking without you.

And in the night, I could be helpless,
I could be lonely, sleeping without you.

And in the day, everything's complex,
There's nothing simple, when I'm not around you.

But I'll miss you when you're gone, that is what I do. Hey, baby!
And it's going to carry on, that is what I do. hey, baby...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jhakaas weekend

Hiya folks.... The weekend is over and I can feel Monday blues creeping on me. KC and I went for a drive on Bandra-Worli sea link... finally!!! We went for dinner to 'China Gate' in Bandra. It is a good restaurant which serves authentic Chinese food. My ex-colleagues had given me a Farewell there and I had spotted Leslie Lewis. 2 weeks back I came across Tabu at the airport. In all I have seen 5 celebrities- Emraan Hashmi, Nikhil Chinappa and Achint Kaur. Sigh!!! It is not good enough.
My driving has gotten better... now I have started abusing other drivers and using horrible profanities also which is quite an improvement within 2 weeks. I need a driver soon else I my bad language will deteriorate further. Don't worry--- I abuse with my windows rolled up... nobody can hear me.
I spent the weekend buying furniture and organizing stuff in it. It is such a relief... all my footwear is organized neatly on the shoe rack. There are 13 pairs in all... and yet they are not enough... I need more footwear.
The clothes are washed... I need to dry them. Good night!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!!

I don't care about this day anymore... I just care about the holiday. Today is house work day and tomorrow is relaxation day. Perfect!!!
I am watching Swades... it is a beautiful movie.. better than those rubbish patriotic movies... so realistic and SRK has not over-acted (another miracle!!!). I had it for the first time on a cruise from Singapore. It was screened at 11 pm in the auditorium and I could feel the ship picking up speed and rocking to and fro.
It is amazing how little things can bring back memories so clearly and transport us back to those moments.
Yenjoy the weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And you really do have worth

I roll up my windows while driving to avoid people's abuses from nearby cars. It does not stop people from abusing... I just can't hear them. Mumbai's traffic is weird:
  • Traffic policemen might fine you without any reason... you cannot argue especially if you are not Marathi. Just pay up and leave with your license intact
  • People cross the road when the traffic light turns green for the cars to move
  • People walk on/near the road... never on the footpath... they believe they own the streets and not even a car can succeed in getting them off

Soon.. I will drive with the windows rolled down... so I can abuse the other drivers.

Today I got thinking; "Where is life heading???"... I know... I know... there is lots happening... lots more to be done... but strategically... where is it heading? Is this it? Get a job... get married... have kids... grow old... and die??? Is that all? I wanted my life to be exciting, adventurous... anything but ordinary.

Archana had tagged me on a note on FB... here it is... I don't know who has written it:

After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul...

And you learn that love doesnt mean leaning and company doesnt mean security

And you begin to learn that kisses arent contracts,

And presents arent promises,

And you begin to accept defeats with your head up and eyes open....

With the grace of an adult not the grief of a child...

And you learn to build your roads for today...

Because tomorrow's grounds are too uncertain for plans

After a while you learn that...even sunshine burns if you get too much

So plan your own garden,

And decorate your own soul...

Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers...

And you learn...

That you really can endure...

That you really are strong...

And you really do have worth!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Flu... shu...

Hiya... Swine flu is upon us and it is kinda scary. I saw people wearing masks in the Mall. KC and I have been arguing about wearing masks. I refuse to wear it... 'coz I don't think they are very effective. Swine Flu is highly contagious and masks cannot ensure 100% safety.

I am reading 'Twilight' and it is taking me twice as long to finish 'coz of the lack of time.

Thankfully I have been shifted to a new profile where I will be interacting with educated people. Work life will mostly be spent in Malls which is a boon for a Shopholic (Me).I can shop while at work... :). Of course, delivering sales numbers will be that much more difficult 'coz there is very little control I have over them.

It is heart-breaking to see things I have bought earlier on sale. My mind keeps calculating the money I could have saved. A lot of my favorite books are on sale at Crossword.... sigh...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Love Aaj Kal

I have read good as well as bad reviews of this one and decided to judge it for myself. I was too tired last night to look for people to watch it with and headed alone to the Mall. I walked out within 20 mins... not kidding.
The break up scene really got to me... Saif looks in his late 30s and no make up can reduce his age... how can a 35-40 year old man be so confused??? Really!!! I mean... "What the fuck!!!"
Deepika looks pretty... but she canfanot act... She is such a Bimbo and thats kinda sad 'coz I had higher expectations from her. The scene was undigestible. I mean... this couple had been dating for over a year and they had not discussed marriage???? Hello???
I am deeply disappointed.


I watched this movie a little late... and loved it. It is a mix of 'Dude, where's my car?' and 'The road trip'... hilarious.
Don't miss it...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Missed ya

Missed ya people... loads and loads. I am so so so so sorry for leaving like this... but I didn't have access to the net. I have been writing posts in my head and craving to put them here.
Life is ok... KC is moving to North Karnataka. It is my worst nightmare come true. We have dreaded this moment so much we were afraid to even mention it. Sigh!!! He asked me the other day; "Why is this happening to us?" I said; "'Coz yeh zamana pyaar ka dushman hai".
Quite LS (low society)!!!

I don't believe in marriage (even though I am married). Who needs a piece for paper and some ceremonies to validate a relationship???? I don't. I would have stayed with KC all my life without marriage... but society needs the validation.

Anyway... this post is dedicated to my sweetheart.... he is not my obssession or addiction... he is much more... he is my life... he is in my every thought... every breath... every worry... every laughter... every tear...

Getting back to real life:
  • New job is okey dokey... the pressure has not yet begun
  • I drove 4.5 hours to and fro to meet Abhinav for 20 mins 2 days back.... totally worth it... Miss Dhruv and Abhinav... times spent with them in Corbett and Bangkok are the funnest times I've had
  • RT and Vijay complained about the lack of posts here.... thanks people... you guys keep my blog alive
  • I cook every night... no matter how late or how tired I am
  • Sleepy.... I will post more... much more tomorrow.. watch this space
Muah... people!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thought for the day

Men love their hair as much as their balls. I don't understand why they love their balls... understanding the hair part is more tricky.
My secret fantasy is to get a guy to shave from top to bottom... the hair on the head and eyebrows can be spared.
What is this obssession with their hair?
  • The hair look yuck... disgusting... sickening... and men show them off by wearing shorts. In my 12th std while joining the Biology tuitions in A'bad the professor had told my Mom dos and don'ts.. "Girls are to dress decently for the tuitions... no shorts allowed". One fine morning (at 6.15 am) the guys in my batch turned up in shorts... the girls were taken aback... their legs looked so creepy... it was an unpleasant sight. I still don't understand why the Prof preferred to look at such ugly legs rather than the pretty and shaved legs of his female students.
  • Hair stink... we all know that... why do guys like to stink?
  • Arm pit hair are the worst... imagine a pretty girl in a sleeveless top... she raises her hand and you spot her arm pit hair... Pukish!!! Right?? Thats exactly how it feels when men raise their hands. Shaving arm pits is the bare minimum that ANY guy can/should do.
  • Hairy Butt... A girl bends down revealing her butt... sexy? I don't know... a guy bends revealing his hairy butt!!! A very common phenomenon. Ever heard of belts???

Lets make this world a better, cleaner and nice smelling place by shaving!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New job... new city... new house... new life

Hey... I have been gone long... Here is an update:

1) Last Sunday KC and I headed for 'The Proposal' starring Sandra Bullock.

I will not a write a brief about the movie... Hollywood churns out such dumb chick flicks every quarter (don't mind the sales lingo)... it is surprising to see a good actress starring in this. Please avoid. Badi bakwaas hai... KC and I needed something light and didn't intend to watch New York so we did survive the experience.

2) It rained quite heavily is Mumbai on Monday and Tuesday. There were rumors of floods and the people (even in office) were glued to the TV all day. I did venture out for some work... and realized that Mumbai people panick too soon and sometimes the rains are over-rated. Yes... it was raining heavily... yes... roads were water logged... yes... some roads were blocked... yes... traffic was killing... BUT... only one side of the roads (which were low lying) were water logged... all the news channels were beeping those images on TV... the other side of the road where vehicles were moving was ignored giving viewers the wrong impression. Milan and Khar subway are flooded even when it drizzles... there are reporters permanently posted there. Everytime it rains they interview the people living near by and make a big show out of it. Everyone came to office albeit a little late... left at the regular time and reached home safely. The trains were also running though a little late. Much ado about nothing???

3) I have quit my job... and shifted to Mumbai. The house hunting was toture but finally the registration is done and I am moving in this Wednesday... have started furnishing it. I have a week off before I join the next company and I am wondering what to do. I have been waiting for this break... and yet the thought of doing nothing is not too appealing.

4) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I love all the HP movies. It has been a long time since I read the book so I am not sure if the movie completely relates to the book. The fact that the characters in the movie are like the ones in the book is good enough for me. I liked this part... it is scarier... and the ending is sad. People did not even like this book as much 'coz Dumbledore dies in the end which was not expected. I won't be surprised if this movie is not liked by all.

5) New MoonThis is the sequel to 'Twilight'. I was not too keen on reading this one but my curiosity got better of me. The book has Werewolves and Vampires. Wow!!! I liked it and will definitely read the 3rd part.

Good night.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I came across my poems book... yep... hand written poems book. As a teenager I wrote very bad poems. I have written down each poem and saved the book. I don't save up stuff... I am more the de-cluttering kind where all the old, treasured stuff becomes a part of trash every few years. And as people move out of my life stuff related to them also moves out. But this book is special. It will remain with me all my life. I am still the same kid at heart with those same feelings. Nothing has changed and that is good as well as bad.

Here is one poem which reflects my state of mind correctly:


I wish I was a kid
no cares for the world
no worries to call my own
life's simple pleasures in abundance.

There was no need
to distinguish between rights and wrongs
just lessons to learn
and games to play.

I yearn for the detachment
that childhood offers
making things easier
feeling lucky to be born.

I want this loneliness to depart
that sometimes gets my heart down
so many friends around
and yet to none, these feeling I can own.

Good night... watching 'Seinfeld' on Star World. Need to laugh.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why? Why.... oh why?

Why did you teach me about fairness
about morals... truth... honesty
about independence... dreams... friendship

Why didn't you teach me about games of life
about manipulation... diplomacy... society
about colleagues... ambitions... dependance

I feel unequipped to lead this life
every decision of mine is incorrect
every person I trust stabs me

I dreamed of being good... nice... honest.. straight forward
I realized it was futile
I have to be manipulative... diplomatic... ambitious

I don't have time to think.. to breathe.. to live