Thursday, February 26, 2009

Billu Barber

Crap che... what a waste re. Totally avoid.
Irrfan Khan is fab (as always)... so is Lara Dutta... she has actually acted. Shahrukh has over-acted throughout.
Total bore.
I have not watched an English movie in months... whats happening to me!!! Help!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Delhi 6

Hahahahahahahahha.... hehehehehehhehe... heeheehee... don't mind me... I am watching Delhi 6. The end is hilarious... you should watch it... I swear.

No no... Abhishek does not die in the end... how can he? He has a gf... dadi... mother.. father... mohalla walas... and an American accent... atleast a fake one.

I am a little confused... just a little. What is this movie about? Roshan's (Abhishek) Indian/Delhi experience as a NRI? Is it about the monkey man incident (isn't it a little late??? The incident happened years ago) Is it a love story? Is it about the caste division in India? I don't know. I guess I am a little slow. Please don't mind.

I don't like Shahrukh but even he acted well in Swades... even Aish did act in Raincoat (anyone heard/seen this movie?)... but Abhishek? He is hopeless.

What the fuck is Amitabh doing in the movie? He probably thought a 2 min apperance might reverse the fate of this flick.

And Sonam??? Did she have a special apperance? Even she cannot act.

Seems like the director was drunk while making this one... and he forgot to cast 'actors'... everyone is so wooden.

Out of this world.

RIP all the poor souls who watched this one in the theatre. God saved me from their fate.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On my Juke box

  • Ek Hulchal Si
  • Yahi Meri Zindagi
  • Nayan tarse
  • Dev Chanda Themes
I am soooooooooooooooo addicted

Girls of Riyadh

What a book!!! I picked it up on an impulse and loved it. The story is not extra-ordinary but the way it is written adds charm.
The book is about the lives of 4 Saudi girls... their lives, feelings, desires, search for love etc.

Books I have read recently- Girls of Riyadh, White tiger, Delhi etc do not tell a unique story... the way the story is presented is captivating.
I guess life is like that... what you do is not imp... how you package it is. There are people who put in a lot of effort into everything they do... every ppt, every analysis, every little detail is perfect. I am not like that. I don't care... maybe it is not the way to lead my life... but who cares. Will I remember the stupid ppt or analysis at my death bed? Sure... an imperfect ppt could lead to an imperfect career... but hell... who cares?

How to pick a good book?
  • If you have access to a library these points are not for you... if you buy books then picking the right one is very important... books don't come cheap... not at all
  • Picking a book is as personal as buying lingerie... what is preferred by one may not be comfy for another
  • I do not fall for 'Best sellers'... Chetan Bhagat's books are best sellers... he writes like a 10 year old... his only saving grace is the story on IIT... Indians are proud of IIT and IIM... every parent wants their kid to either enter these institutes or marry people passing out of them (I talk through experience)... there are many more who have penned down similar stories... avoid such books
  • Awards do not lure me...
  • I generally read the summary behind the book... if that appeals to me I read the first 1-2 pages. Sometimes the summary is good but the writing is horrible... this is especially true for 'chick lit' novels. These days a lot of Indian females are writing about love and arranged marriage... most of these books are crap
  • Recommendations from friends (and from my blog) are the best ways to read/buy books... I have not yet come across a failed recommendation
Anyway... ciao... next book is 'The Duchess'... hope that lasts a week atleast.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar is here

What a joke. A.R Rehman wins an Oscar for 'Jai Ho' from 'Slum dog Millionaire'.
What a fucking joke.
What a predictable joke.

India is celebrating.
What a fucking joke.

'Jai Ho' is not Rehman's best work... it is quite mediocre actually... If I had to give an Oscar or any award to the music.. it would go to 'Dev D'........ I luuuurrrrvvvvveeee the songs so much.

Slumdog Millionaire is not the best movie... the book it is based on is much much better. 'Welcome to Sajjanpur' is a much better movie. Unfortunately, it has been directed by an Indian.

So the Oscars are the biggest joke.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The White Tiger

Before I get to the review... I need to talk about how I got the book.

One of my fav bloggers- Em (see sidebar) recommended this book. Award winning books don't lure me but I like Em and wondered if I will like the book also. The search began... all the book shops- Landmark, Crossword, Om Book shop in all the cities- Gurgaon, Mumbai, A'bad etc were out of stock. I had almost given up after a month... but God (if He exists) was on my side this month. I found it in Crossword at Oberoi Mall. I started reading it on the train to Mumbai last weekend and was hooked. In the morning when I reached the guesthouse I couldn't find the book. "Shit... I probably left it on the train"... I picked up another copy from the airport book shop. On Monday morning... the book was on my bed... maybe I had misplaced it in the luggage. Now I had 2 copies.

Getting to the review... it is fab... superb. The beginning is very very interesting... it deals with the life of the poor... their struggle... frustrations... temptations... corruption in India... the rich... their life... etc. No, no... it is not a preachy book. It is the story of Munna alias Balram alias White Tiger who becomes an entrepreneur from a driver.

A must read!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lost for words

I don't know what to blog about... there is nothing on TV... I am quite tired these days... Life has been hectic. Appraisals are here. I don't know why people are so worried about it. Its not like its in your hand... 2008 is over... you can't turn back time and change anything.

Some things people should not do on trains:
  • Sing loudly while listening to music with headphones.
There was this guy whose berth was in front of mine... he was listening to music on his phone with ear phones on and everytime the chorus came on he would bray at the top of his voice. The rest of us gave him weird looks but he seemed oblivious. Finally, I asked him to lower his voice.
  • Make other passengers change their berths to accommodate your family.
There was this family of 4 who had 2 berths around mine in AC 2 tier. They asked the guy on the other berth to move and he complied. Then they requested I move too. I refused. The train had started moving... my luggage was in place.. I was settled on the seat and comfortably reading. I had no intention of moving my ass.
  • Request me to move to the upper berth
Old people have this bad habit. They request younger people to move to the upper berth 'coz of their age, health and what not. I try and book the lower berth. I don't understand why I should put myself to inconvenience for someone else. Once I had given in and suffered all night. The AC on upper berth was on full blast and I couldn't sleep and I had to report to office at 9 am. So... aunties and uncles... book the lower berth for yourself...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I hated the beginning of this book... Khushwant Singh warns that this book is not about tips on whoring around in Delhi... Thankfully, it is not.
If you can get past his obsession with a enunch you will love this book. It brings history alive. I am not sure if it is entirely based on reality or has some fiction in it. The reader is taken into the lives of kings- Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb etc, the common man in Mughal times, Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi's killer and many more. If you have not been to Delhi you will be able to imagine it clearly.
A fabulous book (Except the whoring with the enunch).

Delhi has a charm of its own.... it is steeped in history... every stone, monument, garden, street has a story to tell. It has its unique culture- flamboyant, filled with sweet talkers, loud. And it stinks ( not smells) of money.
I love Metro in Delhi.. it is better than the subway in USA.. of course, subway is quite old... and has a shady feel. The Metro was started to reduce the traffic on the road. If you are in Delhi but without a car you should kill yourself. Everyone in Delhi has a car... it is a part of the lifestyle. People who generally traveled by buses or 2 wheelers have started using the Metro but not people with cars.
Last year I met this guy for matrimonial purposes. He is from Noida and filthy rich. I hated him even before we met. Anyway during the conversation I told him and his family how Gurgaon will become live-able after Metro begins there.
His Mom: Metro has not changed anything
Me: But it is so convenient to travel in Delhi now
His Mom: Nahi re. It is the same thing... take your car to Metro station, park there, wait for train, travel to destination. Same process is repeated in evening... driving your car is a better option
Of course, this lady has not ventured near a train or bus or auto in her entire life.
Marriage should always be among equals.

Anyways.... the checking at Metro is very strict which prevents security threat and people behave well.. there is no squatting, littering etc.

Good night... and I am back

Friday, February 13, 2009

Busy Busy

Hi all... since I am busy in office will not be able to post for a few days.

Bear with me.

Have a happy Valentine's day!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Too late in the night for a title

I am at mama's place today at Veraval. Anyone heard of Saurashtra??? Thats where I am. I traveled to Porbander.. anyone remember Mohandas Gandhi? Porbander is his birth place.

As you near Veraval the terrain changes... if traveling by road you will notice the coconut trees, feel the cool weather, smell the sea, notice the lush greenary... if traveling by train the smell of fish will jolt you out of reverie.

The houses are made of stone here... not brick.

Mama picked me up from the bus... one of the perks here is that there is always someone to pick me up or drop me off... full 5 star treatment. At home dinner was ready for me... I hugged nani... wished Mami... abused my younger cousin bro (2nd std) and offered him M&M. As I bent to eat my food Mami noticed my butterfly tattoo... below my neck which is usually well hidden by clothes.

Mami: You got a tattoo???
Mama: When will it come off?
Me: Umm... it is permanent
Nani: Where??
(when she sees where it actually is.. gets scandalized)
Nani: Chee.. chee... and what have you done to your hair? You used to look so nice earlier
Me: Right Nani
Mami: You have lost some weight... the regime is working
Me (happy that someone noticed): Yes... totally
Nani: Manish is getting engaged... Lajjoo is getting engaged... when will you marry?
Me: In due time...

Nani is a very restless person... she prefers to do things on her own. She won't let me carry my plate or make tea or fold the blanket... or anything else. It is weird having such an old person waiting on me.

Chalo... good night.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some more thoughts about Dev D

Abhinav and me were discussing the movie... our fav scenes, fav moments, how scandalized Dhruv's parents must have been since he watched it with them etc etc

I can identify with Dev's character... there was a time in my life I lost my will power... I felt like I was getting sucked deeper deeper into a whirlpool but didn't how to get out. My life revolved around one person... I lost all dignity, self respect... I felt horrible about myself... I wasn't doing too well in studies also... I had friends... many of them but there was little they could do to help.
I don't think there was one moment which made me realize I was wasting my time and life. I think it was MBA coaching... I started scoring well there and that gave a boost to my confidence. I felt better about myself. I guess we all lose control of our lives at some time or the other... specially when we are young and stupid.

When I joined the B-School my scores in exams were not good... but there were skills that I developed and whatever I did.. I did it with a passion. I hate my B-School... I had terrible times there... but after 2 yrs I got what I had gone there for... my preferred job... and thats all that matters.

One thing I have learned in life is persistence and passion... If I care I care deeply... and if I don't nothing can make me care.

Life is strange

Sometimes my life resembles a total Bollywood movie... at other times I wonder how it became like this... I am confused at times who to trust... my instinct or someone else's?

How do you live your life if everyone around you is intent on putting doubts into your mind?

Sometimes I want to curse this society for its bloody hypocrisy.

Nobody asks me; "What do you want?"... everyone only cares about effect my decision will have on them.

Life sucks... totally... totally... hate it... very much.

I wish I could do exactly what I want the way I want to...

Monday, February 9, 2009

On my Jukebox

  • Aankh Micholi
  • Nayan Tarse
I am loving songs of Dev D... they are absolute genius. And the themes are so fucking good.

  • 'That thing you do'
  • 'Apologize'
  • 'Dilli 6'
  • 'Pardesi'
Time for Different Strokes... Ciao...

It sucked!!!

My day sucked today!!! Bloody Monday... I am so tired... there is so much work... everything is going wrong.

If I hadn't spent so much money straightening my hair I would have pulled them out right now.

I am having an overdose of 'Delhi' these days... Oye Lucky Lucky Oye was based in Delhi... so was Dev D... KC is in Delhi... and right now I am reading 'Delhi' by Khushwant Singh... Delhi only provides a background for his whoring. Are all his books like that? 'In the company of women' definitely is.

When I read about Delhi it sounds so fascinating... I didn't spend too much time in Delhi in the 8 months that I was in Gurgaon... but I hate North... just the thought of corporate offices moving to Gurgaon sends shivers through my spine. Any suggestion from KC that we may have to re-locate there in a few years freaks me out... I panic... my brain goes numb.

Yesterday Khushi and me were discussing women and what they look for in men... (we don't disucss men anymore... I don't need to... Khushi does not have any cute/hot reason to)... I was remembering all the times men have complained; "What do women want?"... If you want to find out... spend time with your gf (a girl who is a friend and not a gf) and her friends... everything will become crystal clear.

Tueb watch:

@11pm: Different strokes on Zee Cafe
@12: Sex and the City on Zee Cafe... 2 episodes back2back

On my jukebox:
  • 'Aashiyana'
  • 'Whatever you like'
  • 'Rehna Tu'
  • 'Behka'
  • 'Saali Khushi'
  • 'Survivor'
  • 'Sorry'
  • 'In my place'

Sunday, February 8, 2009

4 things

  1. I had a fab day.... it is nice being with people with who you can be yourself...
2. Anyone here who owns Chevrolet's Spark... request you to give me a feedback...

3. I might sell off my books on this blog next month. I have many, many books... some are in Gurgaon... some with Tanuj in Delhi... some with KC at Mumbai... some with me in Mumbai... some with me in Rajkot. Need to gather all of them and then decide what to do...

4. I don't like receiving official calls on Sunday... will have to switch off the official no every Sunday

Dev D

Amazing... fabulous.. what a movie... Khushi's colleagues had given her a bad feedback about it but when Dhruv told me it is good... we headed for it at Cinemax. The theatre there is so small I felt I was sitting with everyone in my drawing room (the one in Gurgaon)... the couple next to me had brought a kid along even though this is 'A' rated...
The songs are so so so good... I liked them earlier but now I love them... Pardesia is better than emotional atyachar.
The movie is a modern version of Devdas... and about liquor, drugs and sex... Abhay deol is great (as always)... I love all his movies... the actresses are also good.
Anurag Kashyap has created a masterpiece (I have not watched No Smoking... and now I will)... he has shown immense creativity... this one is better than Slumdog Millionaire.
Watch it... but without your family... parents will get a culture shock even though this is based on reality.

Dev is a confused character and such a guy.... the scene where he decides to go to India to get laid after seeing Paro's naked pics reminds me of a friend... who travelled all night to meet his gf and get laid... when she refused he got pissed and told me; "What does she expect? I didn't go all the way to TALK to her... we can talk on the phone". I agreed with him. Once Paro is lost his life loses direction (not that he had any)... and he gets addicted to sex, liqor and drugs. When he runs over 7 people there is nobody to support him... nobody to remove him from the darkness. He does see light at the end...
Paro is quite a character and very real... she is from a conservative background but thinks nothing about mailing naked pics to her bf or sleeping with him... the scene where she plans a tryst in the fields with him is too good... for once in Bollywood the actress has hormones... when Dev rejects her she marries for money. Khushi and me were discussing how many many females marry for money... You want money??? Earn it... don't marry for it. I am not sure whether she is happy with her hubby or not but she gives up Dev... she could have left him and gone back to Dev but I think she is a practical female... my guy friends think females are more practical in relationships... at 24 and above, they are... they will never marry a loser... someone unsuccessful... someone not as good or better than them... and thats a fact.
Lenny/Chanda... her life takes a tragic turn... one mistake and the wrong person trusted become the headlines... and that too at such a young age. She turns into a hooker... but an educated one. She has what Dev does not... a willpower. Dev makes her realize how shallow her life is.

I don't think Dev loves Paro... he is obssessed with her... attracted to her... but does he share his ups and downs, feelings with her? Nope... he does that with Lenny. And thats the happy ending... this realization.

Love decieves... it is blind.... it needs to tested... not the other person's love but your love for him. Most of the time it won't pass the test.

The population of the world and specially India is booming... I recommend that nobody should have kids anymore... but by mistake if you make a mistake don't bring the mistake (your kid) to the theatre... and if you do, do not... absolutely do not sit next to me (my pic is on the blog... you will recognize me)... I hate kids... but in the theatre, the hatred increases a hundred fold...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Diary of a Social Butterfly

I came across this book at many book shops but considering it to be another chick lit brainless novel was not tempted to pick it up. I then read the author: Moni Mohsin's interview online.

This book is a collection of her columns.... it is a diary of a socialite in Pakistan's high society. I didn't know Pakistan high society even existed.
I have been glued to it for days now... the book is hilarious. The main heroine is a typical socialite (maybe worse)... rich, very very dumb, materialistic... her husband and son are quite sensible.

Worth a read... the columns are 2-3 pages long only... so anyone can read them.

I wish the book didn't have to end.

I am feeling Yay today

  • I am in A'bad at Khushi's house
  • I had ghar ka khana
  • I will watch 'Dev D' with Khushi tom
  • I have completed my work
  • I am watching 'Oye lucky... lucky oye'... amazing movie
Everytime I step into A'bad a warmth surrounds me... memories come flooding back... I feel happy. I crash at Khushi's place... she is happy with my company... her parents don't mind... but I miss Honey a lot (puuhhleease... come back sweetheart).

Anyway... cheers to a good and relaxing weekend... I need and deserve it.

Still working.. :(

Yes... I am still working... have too much to do and less time. I don't take tension on Saturday or Sunday... so I am going to finish as much as possible tonight even if it means keeping awake all night. Tomorrow I have to wake up early.

I had dinner with Rohan and his wife today. Rohan is my friend since college... we attended our MBA classes at the same center. I was one of the highest scorers in English. He had approached me and asked for tips to improve his English. We became friends.
I bumped into him in Oct at Rajkot. It was quite a surprise.
Anyway... the dinner was good... his wife is very sweet and innocent. I don't remember the last time I met someone this innocent.

Earlier I spent 9 pm watching Sex and the City. The day the series ended on Zee Cafe I stopped watching TV. Guess what... they are showing repeat episodes at midnight now and I am so yay!!!
Tomorrow at this time I will be chatting or watching some movie with Khushi at A'bad.

Every episode SATC is related to some incident of my life. In today's episode, Carrie comes across her ex-bf Mr Big who is getting engaged to another female. Carrie is shocked. He had told her he couldn't commit... she is devastated. Getting mind fucked like this at 18 or 20 is expected... but at 35??? Horrible!!! Thank god for the few good men... I am with one of them.
Miranda and her ex-bf try to be friends... but end up having sex. I guess friendship with ex does not work out unless he is bad in bed.

Good night... I need to get back to my work...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

On my jukebox

  • 'So what' by Pink
  • 'Say it right' by Nelly Furtado
  • 'Body on me' by Nelly ft Akon
  • 'Wake me up before you go go' by George Michaels
  • 'Sita Ram Sita Ram' from Welcome to Sajjanpur
  • 'Sexy can' by Ray J
  • 'Masakalli' from Delhi 6
  • 'Pardesi' from Dev D
  • 'Aashiyana' from Fashion
  • 'Bheeni Bheeni Mehki Mehki' from Welcome to Sajjanpur
Any suggestions for good songs??? (preferably recent ones)

Life in sales

I went for dinner to one of the best restaurants in Rajkot today... Since I was looking for something light I ordered "thepla" (a Gujju dish like methi paratha)... a dish full of oil soaked theplas were served to me... just the sight of so much oil made me want to puke. I sent it away with instructions that the oil has to be reduced... the theplas returned with lesser oil (the top layer was probably wipped off with tissue)... I sent them away again with instructions that no oil was to be used... this time they returned roasted and not fried... but I had lost my appetite.
This is reality of life in sales... travelling a lot, staying in hotels, eating unhygeinic food. All of us have realized how screwed up our lifestyles have become. Last month I decided to change this trend and have suceeded.

Rajkot is an amusing place... after the paratha incident I hailed an auto to take me back to hotel from my gym. I was not carrying any money and intended to take cash from the ATM below my hotel.
Me: Do you have change for Rs 100?
Autowala: No... We will take it on the way
Me: I don't have money... I will withdraw it from the ATM at my destination.. you can take change there
Him: Ok... I know where you stay... I have dropped you there earlier
Me: I don't remember
Him: Its ok... you can pay me later
Me: No... no... absolutely not... we will find change

We reach the hotel but are unable to find change... the guy gives me an assurance that he will take the money tomorrow... he knows I go to the gym regularly and usually picks up passengers from there.

Sigh... not just my bank but even an autowala thinks I am credit worthy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hello... sorry I couldn't blog... Life in Mumbai is always busy... This is what happened on Monday night... we had a party for a superb year opening on Jan 1st and 2nd. The party was for the entire West branch and on the rooftop near Magnet at Bandra. I will keep my views about the party to myself... the best part was that I got to leave early.

I don't enjoy corporate parties at all and come up with weirdest excuses to leave early. But they are a necessary evil. I still haven't figured out how they are "necessary"...

On Sunday I met a friend who was my junior in B School... as always we had a good conversation. I miss meeting new and interesting people... there was a lot of scope for that in college.

At night Abhinav and me were talking for an hour on phone before I realized; "Abhinav... it is almost midnight and we are discussing our distributors... we are such losers"
It was a sobering realization... we switched to other topics... but... we knew we would go back to discussing work sooner or later.

Anyway... it is back to my territory now... and the pressure has begun. Almost a year back at Homecoming of B school we were asked what it is like working in FMCG sector. Some gassed about relationships and how important they are... blah.. blah ... blah. I told them it is all about pressure... and I stand by it even today. Sure... you have to maintain relationships... but you wont get sales 'coz that. It is all about pressure. The pressure is created at the top and it trickles down... and we get results... good results.

If you can't handle pressure... you cannot survive... and yet you have to keep your head... if you don't get the result.. don't crucify yourself... it is ok. You will still survive.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Raaz 2

Umm... I don't think I can give a proper review of this one... watched the scary parts with my face covered.
Raaz 2 is scarier than Bhoot, Raaz, Vastu Shashtra and Gauri.... definitely worth a watch.
It is a usual Bollywood horror movie...

Luck By Chance

A fabulous movie... flawless... amazing. I can't praise it enough. Wonderful job by Zoya Akhtar... she has captured the spirit of Bollywood. I loved the opening scene where she shows the reality behind the glamour.
The characters are so real... so well etched out.
The movie is about Sona (Konkana) and Vikram (Farhan). Sona comes to Mumbai from Kanpur to be an actress... she meets Aly Khan and sleeps with him. He promises her a lead role in his movie. 3 yrs later the movie materialises but Sona is not a part of it. Vikram is from Delhi... his dad has a hot shot business there. He leaves everything and comes to Mumbai to become an actor... he takes acting classes.
Vikram and Sona meet as strugglers... the day Sona loses the movie... Vikram gets it. He makes the right moves... manipulates the right people and becomes a hit. Sona joins TV serials.

My fav scenes are the between Vikram and Sona... their relationship is so real... so is the break up. Vikram is a selfish and ambitious man... he has the fire... which makes him cheat on Sona. But he also has a heart. Ultimately, he apologises to her.
Sona is also ambitious... but she trusts the wrong men... first, Aly and then Vikram. She also has the ability to see people beyond their exterior...

And my all time fav scene is when Vikram apologises to Sona... everyone makes mistakes... thats what makes us humans... but how many can admit to it??? How many of us can stand up, admit the fault and ask for forgiveness? It requires courage. Honesty requires courage.

I loved the movie... every bit of it... Rishi Kapoor, Juhi, Dimple, Dimple's daughter (don't know her name), Aly Khan, Hrithik, Karan (for once he is not looking gay)... everyone is too good.

Happy new month

Good morning... It is 7: 38 am and I am in Mumbai. Mumbai is not my fav city in the world but I like it... a lot. It has wonderful memories of KC. We had sooooooo much time in the world then.

Month end closing is done... It was not excellent but it was good. Now I understand why CAT and MBA have relative grading... performance in an organization is also relative... my performance will be compared to other areas of Gujarat, West branch and the company performance.
But Jan is over and it is time to think about Feb from tomorrow. I don't work on weekends... and after 8 pm on weekdays. There has to be a work life balance. My team is not allowed to call me after 8 pm (weekdays) and on weekends unless they are on their death bed. Anything else can wait... of course, during closing it is ok... even KC asks me to finish my closing and then call him 'coz I turn into a devil woman.

Anyway... I never spend my Sunday sleeping and lazing around... whether I am in Mumbai or A'bad or Rajkot (on rare cases). Sundays are special... they are meant for movies, shopping, eating out, meeting friends... doing something.

How do you spend your Sunday?