Monday, March 30, 2009

Unnecessary Knowledge

Tangy had posted a link on facebook, for the very bored people, of unnecessary facts...
My favorites are:
  • Any month that starts on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th
  • Honey is the only food that does not spoil
  • The past tense of the word "dare" is "durst"
  • The fingerprints of a Koala bears are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that they can be easily confused at a crime scene
  • More money is spent each year on alcohol and cigarettes than on life insurance
  • All the clocks in the movie 'Pulp Fiction' are stuck on 4:20
  • A female orgasm is a powerful painkiller (because of release of endorphins), so headaches are in fact a bad excuse not to have sex
  • It's estimated that at any one time around 0.7% of the world's population is drunk
  • China has more English speakers than the United States
  • During periods a woman's middle finger shrinks. No one knows why
  • If you put a drop of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death
  • You are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than by a poisonous spider
  • The first owner of Malboro company died of lung cancer
  • It was the custom in Ancient Rome for the men to place their right hand on their testicles when taking an oath. The modern term 'testimony' is derived from this tradition
  • Einstein couldn't speak fluently until after this 9th b'day. His parents thought he was mentally retarded
  • A rat can last longer without water than a camel
  • M &M's were developed so that soldiers to could eat candy without getting their fingers sticky
  • Turtles can breathe through their butts

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge

Why am I even blogging about this one? It is obvious crap.. but since I watched it, I want to save people from committing suicide. Don't ask why and where I saw this flick... Crap movies are played regularly on Volvos. The crappier ones are played more often.
I don't understand how such bad movies can be made in this day and age... What is Soha doing in this one? I thought her family name gets her enough movies...she looks ugly as it is and her role demands that she look uglier. Kunal Khemu was good in Kalyug and Traffic... poor guy has to star in C grade movies now.
Don't even think of this movie.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Been too long

Hiya... I have been gone too long. The traveling was hectic last 2 days. I arrived at 11 pm last night. I traveled for 10.5 hrs, just to sort out one issue. I hope the matter is closed now. I didn't have any hopes of getting dinner since the kitchen maybe closed. As soon as I entered my room the waiter asked me if I had dinner. I said "No" and ordered some food. He promptly brought it and I was touched. Such concern at the end of a tiring and thankless day is greatly appreciated.

I hate HR!!!! I think things would work very smoothly in any organization without this function. Sometimes I remember the HR students in TAPMI. The thought that some of them could be handling important tasks like appraisal and payroll in some organization sends shivers down my spine... my sympathies to those employees.
HR is all about talking well and looking good. Brawns over brains.

On the bus yesterday they were playing 'Gulaal'. In between the CD got stuck. Nobody got off their seats to inform the guy and get the CD going. 5 mins passed... I waited... 10 mins passed... nobody uttered a word... 15 mins passed... I thought I would have to take initiative... 20 mins passed... finally someone got up and got it fixed. On this particular travels, the AC is on at full blast even in winter mornings. People will shiver in their seats but nobody asks that it be lowered. The volume of music will give them a headache but they will tolerate it patiently. Why???
It reminds me of my college days... the females never ate alone, never walked alone from one building to another, never went to the loo alone. Someone was always taken along. It is some kind of crowd mentality... people want to blend in the crowd and not be noticed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Sorry... I have been away too long and this time there are no excuses. I read about this movie in the newspaper on Sunday and was super duper excited. Pucho.. kyun? Kyunki... 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' is a superb book and one of my favorites. I have read and re-read it a million times. The sequels are just as good... and Rebecca (becky) Bloomwood reminds of 'Me'.
"Wow"; I thought... I actually get to see the movie.
KC and I headed for the nearest mall. We left in the interval. KC started calculating the money we have spent on walking out of theatres... which got me further irritated. After all, life is all about taking chances.. ain't it?
Coming to the reasons why it sucked... this flick is not completely based on the book. If you have not read the book the movie will seem like a not-so-great chick flick and if you have read the book you will absolutely hate it... I was fuming at the audacity of the director and editor to butcher the book. Luke Brandon (the hero) is one of my fav characters... he is smart, sexy, msucular, rich, magnetic, successful businessman... just like one of the Mills & Boons heros (Google Mills & Boons if you don't know what it is... while you are at it, go get a life). In the movie, Luke is Becky's boss... he is not so hot, dresses badly and is an editor.

Please avoid!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Between the Assassinations

This is the 2nd book by Aravind Adiga after 'White Tiger'. Adiga has tried to create another Malgudi Days and failed miserably. Malgudi is a class apart... and BTA is apart from class. The book is a collection of short stories based in the town Kittur. I didn't understand that they were short stories till I was half way. The forward or summary on back of book does not mention it.
The stories are not extra ordinary and don't have a message... I didn't get anything out of it... they didn't make me think or feel or anything...

Why??? God, why??? Why are most authors one hit wonders??? I had high expectations from Adiga.

Will I never read anything like Gone with the wind, Fountainhead (Atlas Shrugged was almost similar), The bridge across forever, Shantaram, The devil wears Prada etc.

The only authors who have managed to give hits pe hits and keep me hooked is J.K Rowling with her Harry Potter series and Sophie Kinsella with her Shopholics series.

So many talented writers and yet there is a lack of good books.

Any recommendations???

Friday, March 20, 2009


I have been waiting for Sat... don't ask 'Why'.. (It is not our job to ask 'Why', it is our job to do and die). Yoohoo!!! I like Sat and Sunday. I hate Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

A lot of people have commented that they prefer my earlier blog. This one is "different". I agree with them... I prefer the earlier one too. But it is not about the blog... it is about me. I have changed.. for better or for worse. The change is obvious even on chat. Don't ask me to pin point it... I am still wild, impulsive, restless, bad tempered... and yet something has changed. Maybe I think lesser... maybe I have sobered up... maybe I am not insecure anymore. I don't know.

What makes memories? Is it the past or is it the people in the past? I was thinking about friends I have... those on my speed dial... those I turn to for fun, comfort, help. Some are my best friends... some I speak to almost daily... some I speak to regularly... some I keep in touch with... some I contact only for help... I don't know why they mean what they mean to me. For some reason all my friends are from school or B-school or colleagues and none from engg college. Its like 4 yrs of my life have been wiped out. Many times people exclaim; "It is difficult to find friends now... it is never like in school or college". I disagree... I have made friends in my B-school, in my organization, outside the organization. I make new friends every year, get closer to old friends and sometimes lose the oldest friends. I agree with one thing though... it is more difficult to meet new people.

Anyways... tired now... good night.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Cadbury's has launched Perk Poppers. (I don't have the pic). Priced at Rs 10 they are chocolate covered wafers just like Nestle Munch Pop Choc. The only difference is the taste and packaging. Munch tastes much better and is packed in a cardboard box which gives the impression of a larger quantity at Rs 10. Perk Poppers is packaged in a flow pack and quantity is less for Rs 10.
I have never liked Perk too much... I prefer Munch and Kit Kat. When Perk was launched I was in school and it was fashionable to have Perk... (it was an all girls convent boarding school... we had little to be fashionable about).

Anyway... I am watching 'A Mighty Heart' on HBO right now... have read the book and wanted to watch the movie. I had no idea Irfan Khan starred in this one. Crazy na!!! There is Aish who is on all the posters of Pink Panther 2... Mallika Sherawat advertised the fact that she was part of some Jackie Chan movie... and here is Irfan.. already a part of 2 international movies and so humble.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a day!!!

What a day!!! I was traveling for 10 hrs... with stops at various villages.
I came across a distributor in a small town with a laptop... a Dell laptop. Even Rajkot DBs do not have laptops.
The most amusing part of the day was when I met the most physcho db. Thank god the sales force does not have to deal with him ever again. There was another db who quit his job as engineer in Samsung at A'bad, shifted to Sanosara (an extremely small village) and started distribution. He is disappointed now and planning to shift locations again. Crazy!!!

All Gujjus (people belonging to Gujarat... not necessarily Gujaratis) are obssessed with business. Last month a db approached us for distribution of our products. The db's cousin wanted to handle the operations. He is working in a leading telecom company but wanted to quit and start something on his own. We were impressed by his enthusiasm and passion. Next week we contacted him and he turned us down. His company had promoted him and all thoughts of "making it on his own" had flown away. Money-minded!!!

Everyone wants to own a business (me too)... I have seen very few succeed and the chances are lesser in this market scenario. My mama had a booming business which is slowly falling apart. He has shifted to a stable job. My cousin has a stable job but he wants to get into business... despite having failed earlier.

Thats it then... All days till Sat will be long ones... and month end is coming... it is going to be a super duper bad month.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Love Story

----------- Taylor Swift

We were both young, when I first saw you
I close my eyes and the flashback starts
I’m standing there, on a balcony of summer air

I see the lights, see the party, the ball gowns
I see you make your way through the crowd
You say hello, little did I know…

That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles
And my daddy said “stay away from Juliet”
And I was crying on the staircase
Begging you please don’t go…
And I said…

Romeo take me somewhere, we can be alone
I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess,
It’s a love story, baby, just say yes

So I sneak out to the garden to see you
We keep quiet, because we’re dead if they knew
So close your eyes
Escape this town for a little while
Oh, Ohhh

Cause you were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter,
And my daddy said “stay away from Juliet”
But you were everything to me
I was begging you, please don’t go…
And I said

Romeo take me somewhere, we can be alone
I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess
It’s a love story, baby, just say yes

Romeo save me, they’re trying to tell me how to feel
This love is difficult, but it’s real
Don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of this mess
It’s a love story, baby, just say yes
Oh, Ohhh…

I got tired of waiting
Wondering if you were ever coming around
My faith in you was fading
When I met you on the outskirts of town
And I said

Romeo save me, I’ve been feeling so alone
I keep waiting, for you but you never come
Is this in my head, I don’t know what to think
He kneels to the ground and pulled out a ring and said

Marry me Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone
I love you, and that’s all I really know
I talked to your dad-you’ll pick the white dress
It’s a love story, baby just say…yes…
Oh, Ohhh… Oh, Oh, Ohhh…

We were both young when I first saw you.

Amazing song!!!

Don't know what to write

Hmm... what do I write about? My day? I traveled to remotest villages today where even buses do not go. One of my sub ordinates got bitten by a snake outside his house. When I heard the news the first thought was; "Did it happen when he was working?" Not 'coz I care about the work (am not THAT callous) but if it would happened while working some blame would come on the organization (not that I care about the organization) and since I represent the company (for him atleast)... I would feel guilty.

KC had posted a long time back about a man he had met on the train. There was an accident and the train stopped.. someone had committed suicide... all this man was worried about was reaching on time.. he didn't care about someone's death. This man reminded me of myself... I would have felt the same way... call me selfish or callous... I call myself practical.

There is nothing on TV also... I am just waiting for Sat.

The other day Khushi and I went shopping for lingrie... the variety bowled us over.
Me: This is all arranged marriage stuff
Khushi: What do you mean?
Me: It is worn to deceive the groom... he gets a reality check after the wedding

With that thought I will bid adieu.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Will miss ya

This post is dedicated to my good friend Dhruv who is a free bird.

I met Dhruv on 4the June'07. We joined the organization as Management Trainees. MTs from outside Delhi were staying in the guesthouse... and since Dhruv is a Delhite I met him in office on 4th.
First impression: Snob... but a good looking one

Neha was about to introduce me to him but he completely ignored me (Neha and Dhruv are from same B school). Once our locations were declared (I was sent to South... he to East.. Siliguri)... he was worried about his girlfriend.. he kept muttering; "My relationship will be over"... Over the next 2 months we spoke on the phone only once.. I had called 'coz I had spoken to the rest 8 MTs except him...
The funniest moment was our marketing project... we were in the corporate office in Gurgaon... and the people from North were relieved... they would be close to home for 1-2 months. Dhruv got the news that he would be sent to Chennai for 15 days. He was devastated... he had just returned from East... and went into a shock... I had tried to be sympathetic and not laugh too much.
We became friends during the factory project at Manesar... we were the only ones there... and had ample time to talk and bond. I liked his straight forwardness and guts. He spoke his mind... and didn't play games.
We didn't meet too often after that during rest of the training... but the friendship blossomed.
There was this time in Oct'07 when I was very upset and about to do a stupid thing... he had given me the correct advice and not judged.
The time spent with him and Abhinav at Corbett and Thailand was amazing and unforgettable.
I will miss him... and even though we are friends... I am practical enough to know that things will change... we are colleagues turned friends... remove the common element (our organization) and we may have little in common.
He has assured me that we can bitch about his next organization but I am not sure.

So... dear Dhruv.. wish you the best... hope you paint Delhi red April onwards... and hope we always stay friends...


Dhruv and I got talking... umm... that does not sound right... we "get talking" almost everyday.

Dhruv: Thank god... that didn't work out... you would have been very frustrated by now
Me: That is true... I wouldn't have much to write on my CV also
Dhruv: It did work out for the best
Me: Yes... it did

To give the background... few months back I wanted something very much.... it didn't work out... I was extremely disappointed and negative... Now I am glad 'coz whatever I wanted is in a dire state now.

There is always a conflict in my mind... am not sure how much of a role destiny plays in our life. Do we end up where we are destined to be? In that case should I even stop trying? Or do we make destiny? In that case why do I feel helpless in most cases?

Sigh!!! What a dilemma!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I read amazing reviews about this one and convinced Khushi to accompany me for it. We watched it in Red Lounge on recliner seats.... so comfy.

The flick is good... my expectations were high since it is Anurag Kashyap... I wouldn't label it better than Dev D but it is good... and very real.

It is about the transformation of one man from a diligent student to a raging lover... and about politics.
Anurag's movies have newcomers who are brilliant actors... Kay Kay is fabulous... as always.
I didn't like the end... specially the part where Kiran tells Dileep that she used him... in real life you get used and the other person does not confess.
If only we could get the answers to questions asked... maybe pointing the gun works. I will try that next time.
A good movie... worth a watch once... just once.

I remembered my engg days... LD is the political center of Gujarat... if you want to enter politics join the college, get voted as the G.S. That post is a first step to a successful political career. Lets call a guy G... he wanted to be G.S... he beat up the candidate in opposition and bagged the post since nobody was ready to stand against him. He failed 3-4 times... during an examination the invigilator caught him cheating... G caught his collar and pushed him out of the classroom. G was suspended. Next day when seniors reached colleges for their exams all classes were locked... G had locked the classrooms and refused to open them till his suspension was lifted. On 25th dec which was a holiday the top people of Gujarat University had a meeting and lifted his suspension. Everyone sighed in relief and went back to giving exams.

To cite another instance... it had been a month into the college. One week before Diwali Holidays some seniors entered our class and asked us to move out. We were surprised and refused. They came again and threatened everyone.. all of us gathered outside the classroom wondering what was going on. The seniors had declared a strike.. we learned later that having a strike a week before any festival was a tradition... we called it midterm.... anyway... one guy was vociferous in his opposition.. he was one of the studious guys. One senior slapped him in front of all of us... we were shocked... some females started crying. Our Prof arrived after sometime... everyone narrated the incident to him. He said; "Well... I can see that nothing happens to you all inside college... but outside college toh nobody can give any guarantee". That was enough to shake us up.. we picked up our bags and bolted out of the college and returned only once the seniors wanted us to.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another tag

Where is your cell phone.....................on the couch near me
Your hair.......................................shoulder length
Your father.....................................funny
Your favorite
Your dream last night.........................
someone cut my hair really short and I freaked out
Your favorite drink...........................Buttermilk
Your favorite music...........................Dev D
Your dream/goal...............................Can't think of one
Word that describes you....................crazy
Favorite time of day.........................nights
The room you are room
Your fear.......................................nothing
Where do you want to be in 6 years........I don't think that far
Wine...........................................Not anymore
At the top of your lingrie
Where you grew up............................Mt Abu
The last thing you did........................watched 'Bridget Jone's Diary'
What are you wearing........................Night dress
Your TV........................................On
Your pet......................................none
Your computer................................HP
Your life........................................going fine... not too many complaints
Your mood.....................................sober
Missing someone.............................yes
Your car.......................................not yet
Favorite store..................................Crossword
Favorite kind of excercise..................Treadmill
Favorite holiday..............................Goa
Your summer..................................Hot and sweaty
Your favorite color..........................all
When is the last time you
Last time you
One thing you bought today...............cannot reveal
Three people who email me................KC, RT, Vodafone
Three of my favorite foods.................chicken biryani, Maggi, Macaroni
Three places I would rather be right now... in my bed, Goa, Mumbai
Three people I think will respond...........RT, KC

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleep tight

Not feeling too great... coming back to an empty room after staying in a house full of people is quite lonely... thank god I am meeting Khushi tom.

Good night

Thursday, March 12, 2009

BPO Sutra

A simple book with stories from people who work/have worked in BPO industry... some stories are boring, some ordinary, some extra ordinary, some great... but they all give a glimpse into the life of BPO... timepass.

The lost flamingoes of Bombay

Sigh!!! What a book!!! A critic had given this one a scathing review... I was surprised since it has won some award and is on the bestsellers list.
A good book is one which lets you peep into the writer's mind. While reading it you know what the writer was thinking while writing it. No such luck with this book.

I can think of 2 reasons why it was written:

1) The author (does he deserve the title of 'author') wanted to write a philosophical book with depth and intellect. He sets the story around Jessica Lal's murder and Bombay. He fails terribly... none of the characters or situations are well defined.. I have never heard 2 men talk about feelings so much (maybe they got injections of estrogen)... it is strange to find that the entire book revolves around 3-4 people... and everyone seems to suffer miserably. With this end in mind... author has done a pretty shoddy job.

2) Sex sells... scandal sells... take a headlines grabbing incident... sprinkle sex, booze, mirch, masala.. and serve it in a book. Bam!!! It is on the bestseller list and has won awards. Total success.

I hated this book... and it was late by the time I realized it... I was half way through... It was like reading Shobha De which you hate and yet go on... the end leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

Please... totally avoid!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Feeling and looking colorful

Sigh!!! I have scrubbed and scrubbed till I drew blood but the color refuses to go away. Mama had brought non-toxic colors which would come off easily... but the others were not so thoughtful.

I woke up at 9 am (slept for 10-11 hrs straight)... parents and bro had reached at 6 am. After a b'fast of fafdas (Gujju snack), jalebis, pakodas etc which I mostly avoided... we got ready with the colors and stuff... there were 20-25 of us (relatives) and we attacked... once everyone looked colorful and unrecognizable we looked for new targets who were hiding in their homes. As soon as a new victim came out all of us went after him/her. Nobody was spared and everytime someone went to wash up we attacked them again. My masi got bugged with my constant shouting.. "Attack!!! Masi washed her face again".

The came the Grand Finale... we caught my Bro and tore his shirt... Mom tried to rescue him but to no avail. One by one the tee shirts of the other kids were torn... When my Bro was young my Masi would tear the pockets of his shirts... she found it quite funny. When she had kids we tore the pockets of their shirts. I guess we have a weird fetish with tearing clothes. It is also a tradition in the wedding... where the groom's clothes are torn.

After a yummy lunch of fish and rice I dozed off into sweet dreams. Now I am bored... the kids are busy studying for exams... everyone else is sleeping... I don't want to read 'coz I have to save the book for my journey tomorrow.

I don't remember the last time I did nothing all day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Holi

Hiya... Happy Holi... forgive me if you messaged a greeting and I didn't reply. I am quite lazy.

I am exhausted today and plan to sleep by 10 pm... have come to Veraval to spend my Holi.
My 2 younger cousins are quite excited and have been threatening to spray me with color even though I have warned them; "Plz don't... I don't want to play Holi... my skin is quite sensitive".

Right now Nani is cooking something (don't know the English term for the Sindhi food) on cakes of cow dung like they did in the old days.

Me: Umm... that is being cooked directly on the cow dung...
Mama: So? They cooked like that in old days... it is quite hygienic
Me: I thought they used utensils
Mama: Bhaati (of Daal Bhaati fame) is also cooked directly
Me: I am not eating that.. ok? Holi or no Holi

Me (to cousin): Oye... go spray water on the dogs...
Cousin: I can't... they will fall sick
Me: And I won't???

Anyways... enjoy your Holi. I was in Gurgaon last year during Holi... hated every moment of it.

The year before that I was at Manipal... RT and I had pulled Appu for the Holi at the boys hostel when we found out she has never played it. She was so much a part of us that we forgot she is Mallu.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I am back in my territory... back to work. No exceptional updates to be given... work will be as hectic as ever.

There is a tag going around... let me attempt it.

25 random things about me:

1) I keep awake till 12 am to watch Sex and the City... I call KC during breaks to update him on the serial (he hates that)

2) I have converted from a a food junkie to a healthy food freak (Healthy food... and not health food)

3) I weigh myself as often as possible (sometimes everyday) and calculate in grams how much weight I have lost (2-3 kgs in 2 months)... and update KC about it (he gets quite irritated)

4) I am horrible at packing... sometimes I don't even fold clothes and just stuff them in the bag

5) I am so restless... I can never be lazy and just sleep on holidays... I need to be up and about doing something...

6) I love meeting new people once... the 2nd time depends on how interesting I find them

7) I do get impatient and irritated with little things...

8) I don't remember the last time I tasted the confectionery I sell

9) I have learned in the last 2 yrs that it does not matter what you sell... condoms, sanitary, confectionery, shampoo etc etc... the product does not matter...

10) I envy housewives who have all the time in the world for themselves... I know I can never quit working... I will go crazy and drive KC crazy

11) I cannot watch bad movies in the theatre... I just walk out midway... thankfully, KC also accompanies me in the walkout

12) All my friends are straight forward with a sense of humor

13) I don't believe in ass licking... my dignity means more than my ambitions

14) I believe "Love lasts forever"

15) I miss home

16) I dream of a stable job... a loving hubby... a nice ghar... and a super slim me... :)

17) I am addicted to 'Dev D' songs

18) I hate corporate parties...

19) I drink only cocktails or breezers.. hard liquor is out... I am mortally afraid of hangovers

20) I don't believe in God or anything vaguely religious

21) I dream of a world where caste... religion... race... gender do not matter...

22) I miss my friends... RT, Sil, Honey, Khushi etc

23) I love swimming, reading, blogging, watching movies, listening to music while traveling, playing badminton

24) I am bored now

25) I like to have things my own way...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

13 B

Sorry people... I have been away... actually office days means I am with my laptop most of the time... the last thing I want to do after work hours is switch it on again.
And the net connection is not too great out here... it takes an hour just to open my bank website.

I went to watch 13 B with KC... there were no other movies playing at that hour... and I like Maddy. You can read the story is any newspaper... Maddy and his family moves into a new house... they start watching a new serial on TV... whatever happens in the serial starts happening with them.. only Maddy realizes this. I don't know what happens next... KC couldn't take it anymore and we had to leave.
Anybody who does watch the entire movie please tell me what happens next... scene by scene detail chahiye.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Just a few lines

Some (Umm... most) people love the sound of their own voice. It does not matter whether the other person is listening or not. But then again maybe they don't have anyone to talk to and even a shred of sympathy or interest is enough to open the barriers.

Me tired... so, good night... another long day at work tomorrow... I have to fit in the eye check up also.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The curious case of Benjamin Button

The school reunion was mostly a flop... but Betty was keen on meeting me and so was I. Anyway... like all females she was late... but kind enough to inform me every hour about the status of the delay (Guys.. my sympathies... now I know what it feels like to wait)... I just realized most of my females friends are quite unpunctual.

While waiting I decided to catch an English movie... and bought tickets for this one since it is Oscar winning (it is... isn't it?). Yes.. yes... I watched it alone... don't be surprised... when you are in sales... you learn to do thigs alone... watch movies, have meals, talk on the phone, drink, shop, sleep... sab kuch akele. Hota hai... you may want to live life on your terms... but aisa hamesha hota nahi.

What is with Oscar movies? Are they competing on being dull, boring and sentimental? Seriously!!! RT was right...
The movie is interesting at first... Benjamin (Bradd Pitt) has a peculiar condition.. he was born 80 yrs old... as he grows older in age he becomes younger in physique. Daisy (Cate) is his love interest. What is with this female? She is so ugly... I mean... she is an actress... she has access to all the beauty treatments in the world? Why does she try to look so ugly? Straight hair do not suit her... and she is so damn fair.
The movie is ok ok... too long (2.5 hrs)... once the novelty of script wears off it gets boring...
Watch it once 'coz it won an Oscar... else avoid.

Coming to my day... Betty and I (or should it be me) were not friends in school... she was my bed-side partner (NOT bed partner) in the boarding in 10th. So we did talk but never as friends. In final year MBA we got in touch since she was in B'glore and I was in Manipal (the one in Karnataka... not Sikkim). During my NGO project with NAMI (Nodal Association for Mental Illness) I stayed with her. She lived in a cute sa 1-BHK builder floor (tenants usually create flat like rooms on their terrace and give them on rent). Life was good for 10 days... we bonded, watched movies at night, went shopping on weekends... when I came home early I cooked dinner for her... it was nice. Strange... 'coz we never bonded like this in school where we did have ample opportunity.
I met her again with Sam almost 2 yrs back in B'glore again... but then we lost touch... thanks to Facebook we met up again. She quit her job last year and has been trying her hand at media... she is creative and was into theatre also. Thats what I call guts.
Hope our plan for a girls night-in works out this weekend.

Chalo... It is Monday tom... I hate Mondays... and I hate reporting to office at 8.45 am... sigh... it means I have to wake up at 7 am... get dressed by 8 am... have b'fast in the auto on the way to office... and reach office by 8.45 am. Isko bolte hai 'Time Management'.

Hola!!! It is a Sunday

Happy new month!!!

Feb was a frustrating month. Sometimes I felt I was living in a pressure cooker. But I plan to take it easy this week. Lot of planning and spending money this month and next... but totally worth it.

I have a school reunion today in Mumbai. I don't know how many will turn up... I don't know if it is confirmed or not... lets just say nobody has called to cancel it which is a good sign.

I studied in an all girls convent school. It has an important role to play in who I am today. The best part was there were no guys (atleast not in the school) to disrupt our lifestyle. We were never aware that we are girls or had limitations or were different or not as good as anybody.
Let me rephrase that- we grew up believing we are equals to anybody else... we talked what we liked... we dreamed of living for ourselves... we were taught to question "why" before following anything... specially stupid, mindless traditions.
To cite an example; during Teacher's day or any other function... everything was done by us.. planning... organizing... raising money... decorations... etc. For decorations we would climb on the tall ladders to reach the tin roof (it rains heavily in Mt Abu). In a Co-Ed school this would have been done by the guys with the girls left to worry whether their bra straps are showing or not.
I am not saying all my school mates made it big in life... but in their own way they are different. They may lead a life just like their cousins... married and with kids... and yet they have a streak of independence... they are different.
I am not saying girls from co-ed turn out to be bimbos... but teenage life is a little easier when guys are not around... you can be yourself without getting too self conscious or insecure.

No major plans for today... need to re-stock on books... may watch an English movie or may wait till KC is here to watch it with him... need to see a doctor this month to get my eyes checked (I get a headache almost every evening)... need to eat non-veg.. my dietitian thinks I don't consume enough protein (Yes.. I have a dietitian.. more on that later)...

Betty.. call and confirm (No.. no... she does not read this blog... I am using telepathy here even though she is one phone call away).

Have you noticed how the success of a person is never related to their attitude? Strange... you don't have to be a good person or even an honest one to be successful... on the contrary. Thats why I never have idols. And a successful person does not need to have original ideas to prove he has talent.

I would like to quote Ritu here who had written on Gitanjali's wall on Facebook; "I have quit the corporate world for writing. Back to being broke but happy"

Will end this post with that thought... I hope to be broke but happy someday.