Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hiya... I am sorry for not blogging in a week. It is a hectic month and I am waiting for it to end.

I watched the above movie in the theatre over the weekend and just found the time to blog. It is produced by Anurag Kashyap... I would have watched it even if the reviews were bad. KC and I decided to catch at R City Mall. Unfortunately there was sooooo much traffic on LBS road that I had to turn into a rash driver. I missed the beginning but thats ok... I had read the story and knew what happens.

I liked it... very much. Udaan is the story of a teenager abused by his father. The teenager (don't remember his name) has acted very well, Ronit Roy as the father is fab and Ram Kapoor as the uncle is good. It is strange but I think 2010 is the year of the underdogs. The big budget films with stars are getting a miss while audience flocks to small budget movies with newcomers or little known actors. I hope Bollywood learns its lesson. The audience has passed the judgement... no more trash from now on.
Coming back to Udaan... it is obvious that if a son is regularly hit by his father he should turn away from violence but thats not what happens in reality. The way people react to you when you are growing up is how you start reacting to people. We may not imbibe the "good things" from parents but we are in extreme danger of inculcating their faults.
The movie is a sad one... but I didn't feel like crying at all... instead there were scenes where we were laughing our guts out.

It left me with one thought- "Parents are humans... sometimes they forget that... and sometimes the kids also forget that. Just because someone has kids does not make them perfect or even a parent".

There are some movies which I forget as soon as it is over... and then there are others which go on and on and on and on in my head. Udaan comes in the latter category.

Don't miss this masterpiece.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The most important pin- the safety pin

I have been looking for a bunch of safety pins for a year now. I had only 1 pin... which was used wherever required. Thankfully, I have never needed it on my top and the bottom at the same time. Last month KC borrowed it in the morning and I was prompt enough to take it back at night.
"Why all the drama?"; you may ask. Well... a safety pin is not sold in provision stores (not that I have been to one in months...but...), it is not stocked in supermarkets or hypermarkets (Strange, but true) and not present even in beauty stores like Health and Glow. Finally, yesterday a lady got on the train to sell hair knick knacks (clips, rubber bands etc) and thats how I grabbed 3 bunches of safety pins which should safely last me 3 years... maybe more.

And yes... I travelled by train... it is a once a month ritual when I have to go to Bhiwandi.
Rains are such a pain... everything gets muddy. I was stupid enough to wear my white leggings to Bhiwandi with a kurta. The leggings are sloshed in mud and the stains wont come off. Stupid ad of Surf Excel... "daag ache hai"... I need to switch to another detergent. How is Ariel?
I guess monsoon is the season to wear skirts, capris and shorts. Do carry a tissue to wipe the mud off your feet.

I took a cab to Kopar village today. Unfortunately the cab driver was more clueless about the road than me. He was about to drive to Koparkhairane instead. He took straight when directed to the right and vice versa. The strangest part was he would drive on when signal was yellow or red and then I would remind him to stop which he would do right in the middle of the road. And when it turned green he would be day dreaming. I finally asked him; "Mumbai mein naye ho?". He said "Nahi". I wonder how long he will survive here.

It has been raining long and hard today but there is no sign of water logging. I guess the government has done something good to prevent any chuttis due to rain. What a bummer!!!

I was at Phoenix Mills in the morning when Boss called and told me about a bomb threat there. I asked him to confirm it so I can leave the place. My job is not worth giving up my life for... actually, nothing is. There was a Police jeep, another van and sniffer dogs. On enquiring from the Food Bazaar guard on their presence he said it is a 15th August thing. Liar!!!

Ta da... people. It has been a hectic week. Good night.

BTW... My gym and healthy schedule has lasted 10 days and I have lost 1 kg. Yoohoo!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tere Bin Laden

Out of Udaan, Inception and Tere Bin Laden we picked the last one since it is a comedy. I wanted to watch all 3 but there was no time.
Jhakaas movie. I loved it. The concept is new and fresh. The actors can actually act with spamming. It has a happy ending.

Worth a watch.

I hate luv storys

I did not make the mistake of watching this pathetic movie in a theatre. I could not watch it beyond 10 mins... Sonam is sooo fake and she is not pretty at all. Imran was good in 'Jaane Tu'. He is going from good to bad to worse.
And what is with the movie's name? Why are they deliberately misspelling words? Since when did wrong grammar become cool?

Totally avoid.

Dropping in...

Hiya... I thought I would drop in and say "Hi". I was up and in the gym by 6.30 am against KC's best intentions. Working on a Sunday morning is preferable 'coz there are few people around. On weekdays I have to wait my turn at the treadmill. I hop onto the other instruments hoping the treadmill will be empty by the time I am done. But guess what, somebody hops onto it by then... and the wait starts all over again.
I am determined to keep at it this time. I am wearing my tight Reebok top to be able to see the difference work out makes to my body. Sure... the weight scales will tell me the same thing. But seeing is believing. There is no point in losing weight if I (and people around me) cannot see it.
I have also decided to stick to work outs life long. The wonderful part is that I have lost weight despite eating out... which means anything in moderation is fine.
And now we head to Pen... on the outskirts of Panvel to check out a site for investment in a flat. Lets see how it goes... I am going to wear my new green UCB dress I bought yesterday at 40%.
Check out the sales.... they are everywhere and damn good too. Its a good time to shop... even if you are broke.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My appliances are acting up

First the IPod conked off... don't know how or why. The stupid call center executive gave the incorrect address for the service center.
Next, my Lenovo laptop has started the same problem for the 3rd time. Can you believe IT??? I have decided to get it repaired... and then sell it off. I will buy a Sony Vaio or a Dell. The former for its looks and the latter for reliability.
And then, my MTNL net connection would keep disappearing. The landline was not working. But atleast that has been repaired.
And there is my hand blender... the first one broke down... I bought another one... even this is acting up.

Getting appliances fixed is a pain... there is a search for the service center online... then the visit to the center.... after which is the wait which is killing... when it is fixed and handed over there is the fear that the problem will recur.

I think my cable guy reads my blog...

... he disconnected the free cable on the 2nd TV.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Things that irritate me

  • People who chew tobacco. Why would anyone do that??? It is a dirty, dirty, dirty habit; worse than smoking. And the teeth are an ugly sight. I always thought this was the habit of the uneducated until recently. I hate the smell of tobacco.
  • People who cross the signal when it turns green. I can't figure out why. They stop when signal turns red. Somebody ought tell these fuckers that the signal is for vehicles only.
  • People who are late. This is the worse... The most professional people don't turn up on time. Last week while waiting for a meeting the manager made us wait for 40 mins and then he had the nerve to say; "Sorry... I woke up late". I had skipped b'fast to be there on time.
It has been on ok Sunday. I have so much to do on weekends it is tiring. My cook is like a kid. I have to teach her the basics of cooking. Sigh!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

11 Km Obstacle Trip

Anyone remember me screaming with joy when my office moved to Powai??? Just 11 km from my house??? In Mumbai??? The luxury of office only 11 km away??? Earlier the office was in Lower Parel, a good 26 km... 1.5 hr drive in the morning and 2 hrs in evening.
The first few days were great... 30 mins in morning and 45-60 mins in evening.
But things have changed (don't they always?). The traffic is getting worse every month... the drive is 75 mins in morning and 60 mins in evening.... no matter what time I leave home... whether it is 8 am or 8.15 or 8.30 or even 9.
The first obstacle is crossing the LBS road which does not have too much traffic but there are so many potholes in Bhandup that they act as major obstructions to speed. After 30 mins on LBS... the turn towards Powai slope is a torture. There is always some bus/truck/car stuck there which slows traffic further. There is a bus stop on the slope which is so weird. The ride is smooth till Hiranandani after which some cows block the road. I am not kidding... somebody lets them loose every morning and they stand/sit right in the middle. No amount of honking or driving very close makes them move. It is like a Fevicol ka jod.
And then comes the very last obstacle... the signal from where cars enter Hiranandani. The entry lane is narrow causing traffic.
And then some 75 mins later I reach office and cross the obstacles in the evening to reach home.

I crave for a city where 14k rent will get me 3 bhk... where driving 11km will take 15 mins... every the house will have a balcony... where I won't come home too exhausted to go the gym... where the traffic sounds will not follow me home...

I was never fascinated with Mumbai... and now I think I have had enough of it. Time for a change?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bandh Shandh

This is the first time there are no traffic sounds on the road facing my flat. I never imagined something could stop the noise... even if for a day.
We all know the bandh is a sham. It means nothing. If BJP was in power they would have hiked the fuel price and Congress would have called for the bandh. Its all politics... nothing personal about it.
It isn't even a holiday I can enjoy because everything is closed. When I heard about the bandh on Friday I was not convinced it would affect normal routine. But then I heard about the preparations of opposition and government... both trying to prove their power. There was a vague hope that the government would win... one look at the deserted road and I knew who the winner is.
I wish I could say the bandh ruined my plans... I didn't miss any flight or get stuck anywhere... or missed my normal routine. I also wish I could say it was a relaxing break. I am not complaining but if could have planned this... I would have taken a long weekend break.
Maybe next time... :)

The Immortals of Meluha

I don't know what this book is about.... yes, I have read it and yet I am confused.
The story is about Lord Shiv who is a mere mortal. The king of Meluha believes he is god and seeks his help to defeat their enemies. His daughter is Sati. Shiva marries Sati, defeats the enemies... and... thats it. There is supposed to be a sequel.
Please don't waste your time on this one.