Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thought for the day

Men love their hair as much as their balls. I don't understand why they love their balls... understanding the hair part is more tricky.
My secret fantasy is to get a guy to shave from top to bottom... the hair on the head and eyebrows can be spared.
What is this obssession with their hair?
  • The hair look yuck... disgusting... sickening... and men show them off by wearing shorts. In my 12th std while joining the Biology tuitions in A'bad the professor had told my Mom dos and don'ts.. "Girls are to dress decently for the tuitions... no shorts allowed". One fine morning (at 6.15 am) the guys in my batch turned up in shorts... the girls were taken aback... their legs looked so creepy... it was an unpleasant sight. I still don't understand why the Prof preferred to look at such ugly legs rather than the pretty and shaved legs of his female students.
  • Hair stink... we all know that... why do guys like to stink?
  • Arm pit hair are the worst... imagine a pretty girl in a sleeveless top... she raises her hand and you spot her arm pit hair... Pukish!!! Right?? Thats exactly how it feels when men raise their hands. Shaving arm pits is the bare minimum that ANY guy can/should do.
  • Hairy Butt... A girl bends down revealing her butt... sexy? I don't know... a guy bends revealing his hairy butt!!! A very common phenomenon. Ever heard of belts???

Lets make this world a better, cleaner and nice smelling place by shaving!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New job... new city... new house... new life

Hey... I have been gone long... Here is an update:

1) Last Sunday KC and I headed for 'The Proposal' starring Sandra Bullock.

I will not a write a brief about the movie... Hollywood churns out such dumb chick flicks every quarter (don't mind the sales lingo)... it is surprising to see a good actress starring in this. Please avoid. Badi bakwaas hai... KC and I needed something light and didn't intend to watch New York so we did survive the experience.

2) It rained quite heavily is Mumbai on Monday and Tuesday. There were rumors of floods and the people (even in office) were glued to the TV all day. I did venture out for some work... and realized that Mumbai people panick too soon and sometimes the rains are over-rated. Yes... it was raining heavily... yes... roads were water logged... yes... some roads were blocked... yes... traffic was killing... BUT... only one side of the roads (which were low lying) were water logged... all the news channels were beeping those images on TV... the other side of the road where vehicles were moving was ignored giving viewers the wrong impression. Milan and Khar subway are flooded even when it drizzles... there are reporters permanently posted there. Everytime it rains they interview the people living near by and make a big show out of it. Everyone came to office albeit a little late... left at the regular time and reached home safely. The trains were also running though a little late. Much ado about nothing???

3) I have quit my job... and shifted to Mumbai. The house hunting was toture but finally the registration is done and I am moving in this Wednesday... have started furnishing it. I have a week off before I join the next company and I am wondering what to do. I have been waiting for this break... and yet the thought of doing nothing is not too appealing.

4) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I love all the HP movies. It has been a long time since I read the book so I am not sure if the movie completely relates to the book. The fact that the characters in the movie are like the ones in the book is good enough for me. I liked this part... it is scarier... and the ending is sad. People did not even like this book as much 'coz Dumbledore dies in the end which was not expected. I won't be surprised if this movie is not liked by all.

5) New MoonThis is the sequel to 'Twilight'. I was not too keen on reading this one but my curiosity got better of me. The book has Werewolves and Vampires. Wow!!! I liked it and will definitely read the 3rd part.

Good night.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I came across my poems book... yep... hand written poems book. As a teenager I wrote very bad poems. I have written down each poem and saved the book. I don't save up stuff... I am more the de-cluttering kind where all the old, treasured stuff becomes a part of trash every few years. And as people move out of my life stuff related to them also moves out. But this book is special. It will remain with me all my life. I am still the same kid at heart with those same feelings. Nothing has changed and that is good as well as bad.

Here is one poem which reflects my state of mind correctly:


I wish I was a kid
no cares for the world
no worries to call my own
life's simple pleasures in abundance.

There was no need
to distinguish between rights and wrongs
just lessons to learn
and games to play.

I yearn for the detachment
that childhood offers
making things easier
feeling lucky to be born.

I want this loneliness to depart
that sometimes gets my heart down
so many friends around
and yet to none, these feeling I can own.

Good night... watching 'Seinfeld' on Star World. Need to laugh.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why? Why.... oh why?

Why did you teach me about fairness
about morals... truth... honesty
about independence... dreams... friendship

Why didn't you teach me about games of life
about manipulation... diplomacy... society
about colleagues... ambitions... dependance

I feel unequipped to lead this life
every decision of mine is incorrect
every person I trust stabs me

I dreamed of being good... nice... honest.. straight forward
I realized it was futile
I have to be manipulative... diplomatic... ambitious

I don't have time to think.. to breathe.. to live

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Idiot Box

What with everyone talking about 'Rakhi ka swayamvar' I decided to add a few words to it. Like her or hate her you just cannot ignore her. Every few months she barges into your house through the TV and your ear drums vibrate with the sounds of her life... whether it is Mika smooching her or her plastic surgery or her breakup and subsequent make up with Abhishek.
I do admire her perseverance. Rakhi reminds me of KC... (he is going to kill me for this). 2 years back she had featured in a Minto fresh ad. Minto fresh being major competition for us we freaked out thinking their sales would zoom upwards and ours would nose dive. KC had smsed when he watched the ad for the 1st time. I teased him and said; "You are obssessed with her and she is your fav".
Anyway... I was expecting Rakhi to shoot off her mouth on the show (like she always does) but she is suprisingly demure and gharelu. It is quite ridiculous. Everyone is curious... will she marry... won't she? If she does, how long will it last?
Last Sat Boss and me were discussing the show. He was of the opinion that she will marry and why shouldn't she? After all, 90% of Indians opt for arranged marriage. This is a glorified version of arranged marriage... except that Rakhi's real family is not on the show.

Yesterday I was watching the auditions of 'So you think you can dance?'. I was surprised to see so many forms of dance. I mean... how many Indian dances do we watch except Bollywood dance? Is it 'coz other Indian dances are complicated and not too entertaining??? Or is it 'coz they are not part of the general Indian culture??? What I like and appreciate about such reality shows is that you get to see real talent minus the crappy sob stuff. There are worse reality shows on US TV but the good ones surpass those on Indian TV in all aspects.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pending things I wanted to blog about

  • Shiney Ahuja rape case:
Somebody told me; "Why would he rape his maid? He is a Bollywood actor. Obviously, he will have better options". I disagree. Rapists are horrible men and they pick victims based on their helplessness and not on looks. Why else would children get molested/raped everyday? His wife did a Hillary Clinton by supporting him in the media. Lady, atleast wait till he is proved innocent. Gone are the times when women were expected to support bad husbands. Speaking out against him after the DNA test had proved the rape would have garnered more sympathy. It is so sad... everyday the newspapers are filled with news of rape... it is very scary too. Sometimes I look around and think the world is all wrong.... too wrong.
  • Death of MJ:
I don't know what the hue and cry is about... yes, he was an excellent singer... yes, he was a great performer.. but he ruined his life. It was fraught with scandal, drugs, plastic surgery. Is that the example an icon should set? And he is probably responsible for his own death... how wrong can you go when you have EVERYTHING at your beck and call? Seriously. I think people shedding tears for him is silly... Mithun had even said; "My God has died".
  • New ads:
I love the new Cadbury ads. They were played all day on MTV on 1st July. People were discussing it even on Facebook. Good work.
Another good ad by Idea... "Walk when you talk". Very good line of thought.
The new Coke ad "Strange Love" is brilliant... have not seen anything like it on TV.
  • Surat rape case:
The news of the rape case chilled me... school girls being raped by well off guys and blackmailed? How terrifying. Tomorrow (many many many years later) my daughter could go through this and I would never know. But then, molestors/rapists targeting young school girls is very common. Don't believe me? I was molested at 6 am while going for my 12th std tutions in A'bad in a deserted lane. Thankfully, there were 2 old men with a dog taking a morning walk. I escaped and went to them for help. The molestor sped off on his bike. Like I said, everything is wrong with the world.

Ice Age 3

I loved the first 2 parts... obviously, the 3rd part was going to be great... But... something is lacking. I don't know what exactly... maybe there are too many babies in the movie (babies repel me)... maybe I was exhausted while watching it...
A must watch.