Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

I am sorry... but I need... need... need to blog about this.
The new version is soooooooooooo long and boring... Shahid, Deepika and Ranbir are in it? Why? Shiamak Davar? Huh? The stupid electronic sounds? Why?

DD got a lot of things right... Mile Sur Mera Tumhara (MSMT) was one of them . I have not watched it in a long time... and wouldn't have bothered to... but the new version made me nostalgic about the old one. I am sure the old one is getting a looooooooot of hits. The new one just made the old one more famous.

New version is about some celebrities (if I can call them that)... some difference in sounds (which suck)... the old version is about national integrity, Indians... and India (can't believe I am using such words).

And the old version has more women than the new one. Kudos to that!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wills Lifestyle

Yes... an entire post dedicated to one store. Few years back... when I was in college... Wills Lifestyle was my aspirational brand. I could not afford it even during the sale... one top cost Rs 600 atleast.
Every top/trousers/dress fit soooo well... the cut, style, fit was out of this world... specially for formals.
It breaks my heart to enter the outlet now... the clothes suck, quality sucks... and the styles have not changed over the years.
Ironic... I can afford it now... but its standards have fallen.

Future Retail has opened the biggest furniture mall in Vikhroli.. called.. Hometown... there is e-zone and food bazar as well. The shop is huge spread over many floors... the range is huge... from cheap to affordable to expensive. Furniture that I have come across in local outlets is also stocked there... the bed we purchased is priced 4k higher there... but dining tables are cheaper... and the sofa cum bed is 1k cheaper... I guess, it all evens out.

Good night.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Wow!!! I didn't know health insurance was such a scam... Wow!!! A very very very revealing documentary about the health insurance industry in USA... another one by Michael Moore.
Everyone should watch it.
Some things I didn't know:
  • You don't have to pay for medicine, doctors, medical treatment etc in Canada, France, Britain, Cuba etc. You just walk in and get treated... you will be laughed at if you ask for a bill or pay... everything is taken care of by the government
  • In France it is compulsory for companies to give employees 5 weeks of paid holiday... one more week can be added for weddings and stuff. Medical leave is unlimited- assumption is that nobody can work when they are ill
  • In France a maid comes home twice a week for 4 hours each to give time off to the mother of a newborn... the maid is arranged by the govt
  • The day care centers cost only a dollar per hour... they are safe and good. It gives parents some time off
This is like a dream come true... such things are unimaginable in India... and even USA. We are so busy working... earning... but what about a life? I have not heard any company talking about a work life balance. In Sydney, all shops close at 6 pm. Not kidding... after all, even shop owners deserve a work life balance. Which means... after 6 pm it is relaxation time.

We place premium on all the wrong things in life.

Fahrenheit 9/11

I watched this one again... and it is sooo good... it is made for controversy... but thats ok. When everyone else is painting a pretty picture someone should be the devil'e advocate. It brought back memories of 9/11 and the consequences. I could not believe USA went to war... I mean, have we not seen enough devastation? And the Americans supported it? Did revenge taste sweet?
A must watch.

The Call of the Mall

This is another book written by Paco Underhill. I liked the 1st book and had high expectations from the 2nd one. After all, malls are the new retail... I was hoping it would shed some light on their emergence and future. But.... I was disappointed... so disappointed that I have left it half way (and that is the treatment meted out to the worst of the lot).
The book does not seem researched at all... I know Underhill is a consultant and so expectations are high. It seems like he is walking into a mall and criticizing it. Anyone can do that. He had not even put forward views of the other party- mall owners and retailers to show a balanced picture.
Please avoid.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Bored and craving some English movies I headed for this one... the reviews were good.

The movie starts off on a scary and gross note. The story is this... a virus like Swine Flu has infected the humans on earth... after infenction humans become zombies.... they roam around attacking other humans and feed on them. There is blood oozing out of every hole from their body (a nude female with blood dripping from her boobs is shown)... they grab the human and start eating the flesh... there are zombies shown feeding on intestines and sucking bones.
Most humans have become zombies... except Columbus 'coz he follows a few rules and carries a gun. Columbus is a geeky guy without any friends and is heading home from college to meet his parents (if they have not become zombies already). On the way he meets another guy whose sole ambition in life is to eat twinkies and kill zombies. They team up together... on the way they meet 2 sisters who rob them off their car and guns... the guys find another car... the girls take them as captives... to cut it short (high time I stopped)... Columbus falls in love with the girl... and all 4 become friends.

The movie is good... funny... end is predictable... but good timepass. But it is gross...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pigeon Wars

Frustrated... I flooded the balcony with water since cleaning it will not possible before Sunday. The pigeons still refused to move on. Why don't they get it?
I returned home after hours of driving to find another egg. Thats when I lost it and threw it out of the balcony. The pigeon did give me sad looks while looking for it... but thats life.

I have not really started living in Mumbai... as in experiencing the city...
This is what I really really want to do here in 2010:
  • Join Shiamak Davar dance classes
  • Join British Library
  • Watch plays on weekends
  • Check all good restaurants in the city
  • Go for Heritage Walk
  • Take one of the tourist buses and explore the city
  • Go to Essel World and Water Park
Thats about it for now...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sale sale everywhere

Why do they have sale during month end? People must broke everywhere. They should begin sales on the last day of the month. I have been dying to shop but my bank balance deterred me. I decided to atleast check out the sales... decide what to purchase and buy it next week if the stocks last.
Here is a review of the sales:
  • Westside: Thumbs down... horrible stuff... very selected stuff on sale... They have very limited range... For example, I was searching for table covers and this store has very very few designs. Why be a jack of all trades and master of none? Westside quality is also pathetic
  • Pantaloons: It is better than Westside... but not good enough. There are good discounts on tracks, tees and shorts of Ajile. The formals are ok kinds...
  • Shoppers Stop: No sale right now
  • Nike: The quality of tee shirts is bad... you can get better tees at the roadside vendors. The tracks are unaffordable even at sale price. Thumbs down
  • Adidas: They barely have stuff in the store...
  • Reebok: Out of the 3 (Nike, Adidas and Reebok) Reebok is the only one which has really evolved. They have separate stores for women and kids wear. The clothes have innovative style, good fit and quality. The sale has affordable stuff
  • Puma: 60% off is what attracted me to this store. The stuff is ok... but KC did find good tracks
  • Lifestyle: This is the best.... the discounts are good... and there is loads to pick from. Hands up for this one.
  • Crossword: I received a mailer announcing a sale on everything. I was so excited... but all my hopes were dashed. There was the usual stuff which has been discounted for a month now
My shopping behaviour is very unpredictable... KC kept urging me to buy something... he was ready to pay... I turned him down (he is the luckiest guy on earth to have me :) ). There are times when the purchase is completely impulse... others times it is planned... and yet there are times when I plan to buy but don't. Like this time... window shopping was enough. I am not sure if I will make the effort to go shopping next week.
Lets see what happens.

A lot of chains are entering furniture business 'coz of high margins... Fabindia has a few items... Shoppers Stop Malad has an entire floor for furniture which is very very good... the 1st floor in Reliance Digital, Vashi has started Reliance Living with very affordable furniture... Big bazar and Hypercity always had furniture but of very cheap quality.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just an update

The pigeons have learned to fly. Yippie!!! Only one comes to rest at night... I will drive it away soon. The only problem is... they are taking revenge from my plants... and THAT I will not tolerate.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Train Journeys

My job is taking to me to the fringes of Mumbai.. like Vasai, Mira road, Bhayender, Kalyan etc. Getting to these places involves travel by train... which I generally avoid. KC makes a big show when I travel by train... "Nice. Her Highness is travelling by train" etc etc
Anyway... I went to Vasai today... my first time. I took the train to Dadar and then to Virar. There was no route map on the train. I was not sure when Vasai arrives... the journey went on and on and on... Mira road then Bhayender then Naigaon. Thats when I began to worry... what if I was on the incorrect route? I didn't want to call anyone and ask... the passengers around me would know I am lost. Finally, Vasai arrived. There was a lady at the auto stand... driving the auto. I was surprised... the first lady auto driver I have come across. There are so many job options closed to women... don't know why.
I was exhausted on my return. I can never manage the train travel on a daily basis.
The pigeons have learned to fly and vacated the nest. Yippie!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Orgasmic Daal

Hiya. I cooked the most amazing toor daal today. It was a basic daal with the usual...
  • Boil daal in pressure cooker. Once the cooker cools down whisk it with a blender
  • Put it on the gas, add water if required.. add salt, green chillies, tomato, haldi, red chilli powder and bring to a boil
  • Add Maggi's bhuna masala and Maggi masala cubes (available everywhere)
  • Bring to a boil
  • Once done... heat oil in another small pan... add rai and jeera.Once they splutter add hing. Switch off the gas and add whole red chillies
  • Add this mixture to the daal and bring to boil
  • Serve with rice
I think the bhuna masala did the trick. KC seconded my opinion.
My best friend is back in India... she will shift to Mumbai soon. I am soooo excited.

Last night KC and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner. I prefer Dominoes for its garlic breadsticks but Pizza Hut is better for dining out. Few years back Dhruv and I had gone for lunch to PH. We ordered tomato soup which tasted like piss... and the pasta was the worst.
Anyway... I obviously expected PH to have learned to cook proper pasta... specially now that they are advertising their 30 new menu options. We were sorely disappointed. One bite of the pasta and we rushed for the bill. The stupid waiter didn't charge for the drinks on realizing we didn't like the pasta. Yes... I am complaining 'coz he didn't let us pay... Reasons are these:
  • We ordered pasta 'coz we were hungry. He should have given us a pizza free instead... after all, we were still hungry but pissed
  • The drinks and pasta cost the same... why charge for pasta and not drinks? Strange!!! He should have given discount on pasta... not drinks
Screwing up a pasta is quite difficult....

My 32 inch LCD TV is installed and mounted on the wall. The problem is... it does not fit into the TV unit... since it is wall mounted watching it is difficult from the side. I have to sit right in front of the TV to watch it properly.
The 21 inch TV is mounted in the bedroom. Thankfully, there is an active cable connection there. Its a strange building I live in... the newspaper guy did not take his money for 5 months. I gave up after calling 4-5 times... and now the cable... we are getting free cable.

There are very few movies which deserve any awards this year... there were too many flops. I liked Dev D, Luck By chance, Kaminey... Wake Up Sid was bearable... songs of Love Aaj Kal were good... thats about it... Every award function has a favourite movie and most awards go to it. Politics everywhere!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Khana + Jogging = tolerable day

Dear Diary,

I tried cooking dal fry and brown rice. The dal was not bad... brown rice sucked. I have read how it is healthy and stuff. Why didn't anyone mention that it tastes bad and is difficult to cook? I made the mistake of buying short grained rice instead of the long grained one. Sigh!!! I will have to finish it by eating it often.

I was watching 'Ugly Betty'.. love the soap. It is soooooooooo much better than 'Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi' (JJKN was inspired by UG). The best part about it is Betty is friends with Daniel... just friends... there is no chemistry and crush... unlike that in JJKN... where Jassi liked Arman. I wish Indians would copy the sensible parts from West also.

I am ashamed to admit this... but my yoga/jogging schedule had gone for a toss this month. Apart from being lazy I was also busy. Mornings are rushed... I have to choose between reading the paper or doing yoga. The newspaper has been winning. Evenings, I come late and am exhausted. Why don't cooking and driving count as exercises? Today I squeezed some time for a jog and it felt good.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

And the award goes to...

Dear Diary,

I tried cooking mushrooms sabji today... it was ok ok. I need to find a better recipe. A new mall has opened on Godbundher road in Thane. I took the auto instead of my car since I don't know the way. It was so so so far and there were no autos on the way back. It was kinda scary... Mumbai is mostly a safe kind of place... but...
KC wished me 'Happy Sankranti' in the morning. I told him clearly; 'I don't celebrate any festivals. It is against my principles'. But... 'Happy Sankranti' to all... atleast festivals give excuses for holiday from work.
There are malls opening in Mumbai in the upcountry areas... like Thane, Virar, Kalyan, Bhayender etc. Mumbai and its suburbs are saturated... it is even difficult to sustain them with the high rents. There is another mall opening in Vikhroli and Bhandup. Navi Mumbai is also saturated.

I am voting for Filmfare Awards. I have never voted and dumb movies get awards.This year I am using my right. My right to vote... :)

Best Movie: Luck By Chance... I can watch it over and over and over again
Best Director: Anurag Kashyap... Dev D
Best Actor: Abhay Deol... Dev D
Best Actress: Konkana Sen Sharma... Luck By Chance

I hope one/all of them win.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pigeon Woes

Tired and bugged I asked the maid to take away the pigeon eggs. I didn't specify what she should do with them.

Now the mother pigeon is looking for her eggs in my balcony and I feel so bad. If I knew where the maid kept the eggs I would return them to the pigeon. Sigh!!!
The other pigeon babies have not learned to fly... who is going to teach them? Shouldn't the parents be doing that? Do they intend to perish on my balcony?

I think I need to google about pigeons' lifestyles.

Good night.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Long Live

Dear Dairy,

I have a firang visiting the market this week in Kolkata... but everything depends on Jyoti Basu... specifically, on his death. If he dies tomorrow, Kolkata will be on strike and visit will shift to Mumbai... if he lives, Mumbai visit may not happen.
I am hoping Basu lives a long life... else my work load this week will double.
My best friend is returning to India.. she might shift to Mumbai. Yippie!!!
Still no tomatoes at home... :(
Remember I told you about the pigeon babies? They have grown up but don't fly. I am afraid they will spend their entire life in my balcony. Another pigeon has laid a egg there. I am reaching my patience limit. I have half a mind to throw away the pigeons and the eggs.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear Diary Part 2

Dear Diary,

I am exhausted today. My car had a puncture in the morning and I had to leave it at the mechanic's. Travelling in the cabs all day has given me a headache. Dinner required a lot of thought since there are no tomatoes at home (barely anything can be cooked without tomatoes) and I didn't want to eat rice... again.
The day involved dealing with a c****** distributor. I hate this breed. Lol... and yet here I am... handling hordes of them.
I am sorry I have not blogged... I had hostile visitors at home who criticized me as much as they could. There has been a setback in the peace project. The furniture arrived on Saturday night after a lot of follow up... bed, sofa-cum-bed, dining table, shoe rack, center table and mattress. KC and me are set now. I was afraid the house would look smaller but thankfully it is as huge as ever (or as tiny.. depending on perspective). The bed has a huge storage... sometimes, it makes the house look smaller. We have packed all our suitcases in it. Thinking futuristically, I bought an extra large shoe rack to place future shoe purchases. The bed has fit in the room very well.... but sleeping alone on weekdays on the huge bed is not fun.
The 32 inch LCD which has been rewarded by the company for meeting sales targets has arrived. I am keeping my fingers crossed... there is a chance it wont fit into the TV unit and I don't want to mount it on the wall. Sigh!!! The problems in my life.

I just finished reading... 'Om Puri' by Nandita Puri... the same one which was at the center of a controversy. I didn't like the book... it lacked depth. It was written quite simply... a relative specially a wife should never write her husband's biography. Nita has even written about Om's daily schedule which is quite un-necessary.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I drove 100 km today. I had to go to Panvel from Mulund... lost my way and landed up on Pune expressway. I was so sure I will reach Lonawala today before finding a U turn. Thankfully, there was a road to Old Panvel and onto New Panvel. I like Panvel.... it has a small town feel which reminds me of home. I have stayed in a small town and life is so different from a metro... it is slow... and simple... and comfortable... no concerns about pollution, traffic, crowds... even traffic lights.

It was a usual day. The weather is cooler now which is good.... makes life easier. I am reading the biography of Om Puri written by his wife... yes, the same one which created a controversy. I doubt I would have picked it up otherwise... Controversies work!!!

I am honestly so bugged with Chetan Bhagat. What an ass!!! If he has a problem with Hirani and Aamir why does he not talk to them directly? Didn't he sign the contract? Why did he speak up AFTER the movie was declared a hit? Didn't he read the script? I was reluctant to watch 3 idiots 'coz it is based on Five Point Someone... only Aamir pulled me in. How many people have watched it 'coz of him and how many 'coz of Aamir? Does he not remember the fate of the stupid movie based completely on 'A night at the call center'? I have had enough discussions on him... time for a new controversy.

Chalo... good night. Will write more soon.


Sunday, January 3, 2010


I want to murder all the people who promoted this movie on Facebook.
The story is non-existent... there is no humor or sex... only special effects... and it drags on for 3 hours. WTF!!!
Total mind fuck. Please avoid.

3 Idiots

When I found out this movie is based on 'Five Point Someone' I had half a mind to avoid it. But the good reviews from everywhere convinced me.
Thankfully, the movie does not follow the book strictly and is very loosely based on it. The hero in the book is Sharman's character while the movie has Aamir has the hero. The first half is hilarious. Everything goes downhill in the 2nd part. Reasons for Aamir leaving his friends and gf are quite lame... Kareena running off from her wedding is stupid... the whole senti crap of the 3 delivering Mona's baby is mind fuck.
I was disappointed. Very.